Resign yourself: children will ruin your sleep for 6 years

Resign yourself: children will ruin your sleep for 6 years

Science explains how mom and dad's sleep changes with the birth of a baby. Get over it

A baby is born, good news that thrills mum and dad and the whole family. But when there is a child to raise and educate, things change a lot, in habits and time management, especially in the first months and years of life.

And we certainly don't need to explain it to new mothers and new dads who alone feel the weight of the stress and fatigue that afflicts the body and mind. It is not strange, therefore, on the part of a parent, to ask the question about the timing of a rediscovered psychophysical well-being which, as we know, also passes through the missing and fragmented sleep during the first year of the child's life.

The answer is not comforting: according to science, in fact, it takes six years to get back to sleep well after the birth of a child. This is confirmed by a Canadian research done by McGill University that analyzed and studied the sleeping habits of couples after pregnancy.

The result of the study, which took into account the sleep of 111 parents in the two weeks following the birth of a baby, was published in the Journal of Sleep Research and confirms that parents will regain lost sleep in about six years.

The reasons are, of course, due to the fact that young children usually sleep at short intervals of two or three hours. rarely, in fact, we find ourselves in front of babies who can sleep for several hours in a row without waking up and therefore interrupting the sleep of mum and dad.

But be careful though, because the worst consequences, as you can imagine, are for the mothers. Whether it is to comfort the baby during night crying, or for breastfeeding, it is women who do, for the most part, work even at night. The result is therefore a more fragmented sleep that inevitably affects psychophysical well-being.

If it is true, however, that the mother must take care of breastfeeding, it is equally true that the father, as in any good self-respecting couple, can comfort the baby's crying and take care of him on other occasions. In this way all the fatigue will be shared by two and will weigh less on the well-being of mothers.

Once again, therefore, the key to understanding family balance is to be found in the division of tasks and in the management of day and night time.

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