Returning to work after maternity leave: tips and practical advice

Returning to work after maternity leave: tips and practical advice

Don't panic: how to choose the right babysitter

Returning to work after motherhood is a delicate moment, in which a new dimension of affectivity is assessed, a projection of oneself distant from the previous one and a sequence of organizational problems to be faced with the entry of the little one with needs and requirements. specifications.

Components that weigh on affective choices and on the family budget: detachment is a phase of the relationship between the mother and the infant to be processed with extreme regard for subjectivity, without considering how priorities and needs change when a boy / girl is born. the sense of guilt always accompanies mothers who return to the office after the birth of their baby, but must be balanced by the awareness and willingness to feel fulfilled outside the home. Insecurity.

One of the concrete problems present in the family organization of families with children concerns the custody of the child, once the mother returns to work. With the current regulations in force, fathers can also take advantage of permits but this obviously does not cover care needs. The solutions to be considered should be studied already while waiting. One, the most obvious and the most reassuring, is to entrust the children to the care and attention of grandparents who play an active role, to support children. Their is a proximity welfare activity often underestimated, but which is documented in the last Censis Report.

Evaluable alternative is that of the nursery: public or private, it is one of the solutions that many parents choose for their children. The covered opening, as a rule, runs from 8:30 to 14:30 or 17:00. This information, general, which must be declined on a case by case basis and which also changes according to the structure and possibilities of each.

If your child is too young, in your opinion, you might think of a nanny for school. One of the most effective systems is that, still today, of word of mouth and direct knowledge: a child must be entrusted to a stranger with all the implications of the case, it is obvious that a person known to an unknown emeritus is preferred. However, if you can't find the right person for you, consider contacting an agency. Now on the territory there are in various forms, agencies or cooperatives, babysitters by the hour or fixed with ad hoc solutions to meet the requests of parents. Which may or may not succeed.

An undoubted weight, in these decisions that impose responsibility and a first difficult choice for the parent, is then to be attributed to the times dictated by the return plan. In large companies, the Human Resources office follows the workers' requests and tries to balance them with the needs of the work group in compliance with the rules. During the months spent at home for maternity leave, it would be good to keep in touch with the staff trying to understand when and how to plan the return. Consider in your calculations motherhood, holidays, permits, ex holidays: it will help you find the right balance.

In addition, try to intensify relations with your managers in the vicinity of your return to also understand their needs and the concrete possibilities of undertaking the solutions that, on paper, seem the most congenial to your family organization.

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