Revealed the trick to show off the best shiny eyeshadow

Are you not aware of the trick to get the best result with the shiny eyeshadow? We will reveal it to you.

While eyeshadow has always been a must have in the beauty world, the shiny shades they seem to have slowly taken hold.

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We have seen all the possible and imaginable nuances on the catwalks, not to mention social media and editorials from all over the world. There is something about glossy eyeshadow that manages to give you a innovative lookmanaging to intensify the pigments and making you look like a real make-up professional.

Trick to show off a shiny eyeshadow like a true pro

The problem with glossy eyeshadows is that they tend to wear out and not last that long. So what’s the solution? We reveal it to you.

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Thanks to our help you will be able, step by step, to recreate a wet look that lasts all day. What are you waiting for? Read on to find out the trick.

Prepare your eyelids

One of the trickier parts of using shiny eyeshadow is that it has a tendency to fade. So for a great seal, be sure to carefully prep your lids with one eyeshadow base before applying the shade. Just use your fingertip to blend the product.

Start applying a nude eyeshadow

Before experimenting with the various colors, spread a nude eyeshadow (the one that best suits the color of your eyelids) in the crease of the eye.

Add pigment to the eyelids

Using the chosen color e a brush for thick eyeshadow, start tapping the pigment on the eyelid. Don’t try to blend the color, the time has not yet come. Instead, press the eyeshadow so as to obtain the maximum yield.

Add color to the lower lash line

Using a pencil brushtake the same color you used on the eyelid and pass it on lower lash line. Then start from the inner corner of your eyes and extend outward. If desired, you can line the eye area with eyeliner to create contrast, which will help make the pigment appear brighter.

Trick to make your eyeshadow shine

Now it’s time to infuse your eyeshadow the shiny effect. Therefore, all you have to do is add a shiny material on the eyelids, but we advise you not to use the lip gloss because it is too sticky. Instead, opt for a gloss for cheeks or eyes.

You can apply the product with a flat brush. Proceed by making gods small tapping movements. Don’t get too close to the lash line, as the gloss tends to shift. And because it can move during the day, if you get too close you risk getting it in your eyes. At this point, you can start moving a a little higher with the product, working the gloss in the folds of the eyes.

Apply the gloss

For an even smoother effect, you can take a blending brush clean, one that’s a little thinner, and start shedding lightly the edges of the gloss just applied. In this way you will get a great feeling of continuity without having to apply the gloss all over the eyelid.

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