Revolutionize your haircut: the fashion of long bob

Revolutionize your haircut: the fashion of long bob

The cut that is more fashionable lately is the long bob, let's see what its origin is and why it has become a cutting of great style, required by all in different variations

The long bob is a cut that has very distant origins in time, we even find traces of it during the First World War when women began to work in factories to compensate for the absent male workforce as it was committed to fighting the Great War. Since they no longer had the time to style their hair, as the fashion of the past dictated, women saw in the long bob (also called bob) the ideal solution to have their heads in order despite the work.

If we consider the history of the long bob well, it shows us how it is also becoming a symbol for women and for the struggle of rights to work, independence and rebellion. The long bob is a cut that takes the shape of the classic bob but in this case the length of the hair reaches the shoulders covering the neck.
In this last period the long bob is one of the most popular cuts, in fact we see that many Hollywood stars have chosen to adopt it in different variations.
But let's see more specifically why choose a cut like that rather than another.

First of all, the long bob is a very versatile cut thanks to its length which is not too long nor too short. This means that this cut is very convenient and practical as you can also collect the hair as an alternative to leaving it loose, which you can't do with a helmet or any short cut. It is precisely for this reason that a similar choice can tire you, you will have a thousand ways and possibilities to change your look.

The long helmet adapts to all types of faces accompanying and enhancing the features of each face. The peculiarity of this haircut is that it does not have to be as neat and precise as the short bob but it can also be worn disheveled with the hands giving that messed up effect and deliberately fashion disorder.
Moreover the variations of the long bob can be endless: you can choose between the fringe or the tuft, between the equal or scaled bob or you can simply choose whether to wear it smooth or rough. There are so many variations of this cut that it will be enough to find the one that is right for you and that will be able to highlight your facial features, bringing out your natural beauty and brightness.

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