Rhodiola, the plant that makes you lose weight and protects the heart

Rhodiola, the plant that makes you lose weight and protects the heart

Rhodiola is the magic plant that helps you lose weight, combats stress and protects the heart

It makes you lose weight, protects the heart and is good for the mind: we are talking about Rhodiola, the perfect super plant to keep fit and healthy.

Scientific name Rhodiola rosea, is part of the Crassulaceae family and comes from Northern Europe, where it grows in the most inaccessible and rocky areas. It has fleshy leaves and yellow flowers with an intense aroma very similar to that of the rose.

Its healing properties have been known since ancient times and used to solve many different problems. Just like ginseng, Rhodiola has auto-adaptogenic properties, which means that it promotes psychophysical well-being and gives a lot of energy. It strengthens and stimulates our immune defenses, improves fatigue resistance and helps counteract stress. It is no coincidence that this plant is considered as one of the best remedies against tiredness and anxiety, with an invigorating and energizing effect.

But the properties of Rhodiola do not end there. This remedy, in addition to promoting concentration and memory, counteracts insomnia, improving sleep quality and promoting muscle relaxation. It is recommended for physical and mental stress, but above all it is ideal for protecting the heart.

The plant acts directly on the circulatory system, improving tachycardia and low blood pressure, and protecting the heart. For some time scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of Rhodiola to promote weight loss. The flowers and leaves in fact have the ability to speed up the metabolism, dissolving the fat pads. It is also recommended as a supplement within a balanced diet, because it is able to combat nervous hunger, promote a sense of satiety and alleviate the nervousness that we often experience when we try to lose weight.

How to consume Rhodiola? This "magic" plant can be purchased in the form of capsules, dry extract or loose powder in specialty stores. It is also usually available as a mother tincture, essential oil or alcohol extract.

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