Rhodiola to protect the brain and lower blood sugar

Small herbaceous plant widespread in Europe and Asia, rhodiola is precious for mental and physical well-being

Typical of the cold regions of Asia and Europe, rhodiola is a herb characterized by benefits that are worth knowing. When called into question, it is first necessary to remember the adaptogenic efficacy, that is, the ability to improve our body's response to stress.

Among its most important properties, it includes the ability to alleviate the effects of mental fatigue. Science has repeatedly investigated this aspect. Noteworthy in this regard is a 2000 study, conducted by an active team at Armenian State Medical University.

The experts just mentioned monitored the results of administering rhodiola root extract on 56 healthy young doctors who worked night shifts. At follow up, it was possible to notice a significant improvement in test scores related to both perceptual and cognitive brain functions.

We could go on and on to list the benefits of Rhodiola! Among these, it is possible to include its influence on blood glucose levels. Also at this juncture it is possible to refer to various scientific tests. Worth mentioning is a 2014 study, which involved a team from the National Cheng Kung University in Taina City (Taiwan).

The team examined the effects of rhodiola extract on the blood glucose levels of a group of type 1 diabetes rats. At follow up, experts noted its ability to cause a lowering of the values ​​mentioned above , a consequence linked to an increase in the secretion of β-endorphins from the adrenal gland. As we have just seen, it is a study carried out on animal models (many others could be called into question). In light of this, further human tests are needed.

Continuing with the list of properties of rhodiola, it is worth recalling the presence of salidroside, a tyrosol glucoside which, according to several studies in test tubes, can have a concrete role in the inhibition of bladder, colon and breast tumors. We conclude by pointing out that tablets can be used to take rhodiola extract. Anyone who wants can also prepare an infusion from the roots. Obviously, before starting to take it, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

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