Riccardo Scamarcio talks about his daughter for the first time

Riccardo Scamarcio talks about his daughter for the first time

Riccardo Scamarcio for the first time talks about the daughter born from the love for Angharad Wood

Riccardo Scamarcio speaks for the first time about his daughter born last July and the fruit of his love for Angharad Wood. The actor has always protected his private, trying to live the bond with the manager and fatherhood away from the spotlight and from prying eyes.

41 years old and a long career behind him, Scamarcio will soon be on the small screen with The Last Paradise, the Netflix film in which he plays the role of a rebellious farmer in Apulia in the 1950s. Riccardo said he brought the experience of fatherhood with him to the set. The birth of his daughter in fact changed him forever, revolutionizing his existence. "I became a father and I realized that love for a child does not foresee you, it goes beyond you – he told Corriere della Sera, speaking for the first time about the thrill of becoming a father -. Having a child is an ancestral love. And with my fatherhood at the cinema I didn't slow down, on the contrary I accelerated, I take him home ”.

Having achieved success with the cult film Three meters above the sky, Riccardo Scamarcio has become one of the most loved Italian actors of all time. “I'm now âgé, I'm sure today's girls will find other idols,” the star joked. In his past a long love affair with Valeria Golino, life partner and on the set to whom he said goodbye in 2016. After the end of the relationship with the actress, Scamarcio found a smile again next to Angharad Wood, English manager of 46 years old who runs a management agency that follows actors and writers. In July 2020, Riccardo became the father of little Emily.

The pregnancy and birth of the child remained secret until the last. A choice made to preserve the privacy of the actor and his partner. Today the actor is happy again and his bond with Valeria Golino has also improved. “The sentimental disappointment was very strong, the biggest of my life – she had explained some time ago to F -. On the other hand, the more love there is, the more you suffer. We all give the worst of ourselves in certain circumstances … If you love a person, then you reconcile. We have spent wonderful years together and their families are part of our life. We not only do not bear a grudge, but we have even made a film ”.

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