Rice diet: lose weight by eating carbohydrates, here's how

Rice diet: lose weight by eating carbohydrates, here's how

If you want to lose weight without giving up carbohydrates, this is the diet for you. Here's how the rice diet works.

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Do we need to avoid carbohydrates to lose weight? Not in the rice diet, the 9-day detox diet that sees this carbohydrate as the protagonist, that's why it works.

Rice to purify
The rice diet exploits the purifying and detoxifying properties of rice. The ideal for this diet is brown rice, easily digestible and rich in fiber. But the other types also have interesting properties: red rice and black rice in particular, an ally against cholesterol and high blood pressure. The rice also satisfies, which makes the probability of not giving in to the temptation of snacks for a hunger attack or of abandoning the diet higher.

Rice diet, how it works
The rice diet is divided into two phases: the first of 3 days to purify and the second of 9 days to lose weight. In the first 3 days we eat almost exclusively rice. A cream of rice is provided for breakfast (to cook the rice for a long time and then blend it to obtain a creamy mixture) with fresh fruit, possibly sweetened with honey. For lunch, boiled brown rice (cook it for a long time, it is more effective if slightly overcooked, than when al dente), seasoned with a little extra virgin olive oil, then finish the meal with a fruit. For dinner, a rice soup accompanied by cooked vegetables. In the following 9 days for breakfast, a glass of rice milk is consumed, with 3 rice cakes on which you will have spread a veil of fruit jam with no added sugar. At lunch there are 80 grams of boiled brown rice or rice pasta, with a light sprinkling of cheese on top and accompanied with vegetables. Alternatively, rice can be replaced with fish or lean meat (for example skinless chicken) cooked on the grill or in the oven, with little or no seasoning. At dinner you can indulge in 60 grams of risotto with vegetables or mushrooms or boiled rice with steamed prawns, as well as grilled vegetables or salad, lightly seasoned and without salt. You can eat fruit as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. This diet can cause you to lose between 5 and 9 pounds. However, it should be followed for short periods, being very rigid and not very varied. After this phase, in fact, you have to start eating a bit of everything again, always in moderation and balance. By eliminating many foods and focusing mainly on rice, this diet should be started after hearing the advice of a doctor.

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