Right and wrong boots in spring for those who want to look taller

Right and wrong boots in spring for those who want to look taller

Now it’s time for sandals, slippers, flip flops and light sneakers, dreaming of walking barefoot on the beach, on the water’s edge, as soon as possible. Many indeed very many are however in love with boots and do not fail to wear them even in summer. Let’s see which ones to choose and which ones to avoid if height is not your forte.

When you are “a little short” you can work hard to gain precious centimeters.

Which boots to avoid if you are short 15-5-22-

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With a nice pair of boots the game is quickly done but some, it must be said, are perfect just to make even the most “stang” among us look like beautiful girls yes but with stubby legs. To avoid this horror movie effect, here are which boot styles to buy.

Boots for spring – summer 2022 to be eliminated if you are not very tall

All those who visually break the calf in half go bandits. No matter how fashionable they are, better bet on something else. The ideal is the classic seventies boots that leave the knee uncovered, as long as they have a thin heel.

Light blue pointed boots 15-5-22.

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As comfortable as they are, you have to say goodbye to all boots with platform and chunky heel (see the black Saint Laurent at 1395 euros on Luisa ViaRoma that have depopulated in recent months). Technically they raise but they will be huge compared to the leg and weigh down the whole figure.

As perfect for tall women as aberrant for short women, the logs have been a topic of debate for some time. In fact, comfort most of the time does not marry the idea of ​​fashionable style we have in mind. As grandparents say, when in doubt, it is better not to overtake.

The excesses for artistic shoots and accessories to sell are understandably advertised in the magazines. We, look at reality, that’s why in the favorite shop, with this mission, it will be necessary to orient yourself on a pair of very high cuissard boots, not too tight (for the same speech of the little salamis regarding lace-up sandals) and high quality. When it comes to shoes, suitcases and bags it’s a little bit when you need a dentist or a lawyer. Immediate savings will result in much higher future expenses and of uncertain magnitude.

Sixties white boots 15-5-22.

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A dry no to Texans. Unfortunately they are still produced and continue to be successful but never give up, we trust that even the highest understand the mistake.

Meanwhile, let’s also remember when to stay away from cargo pants. It’s not like you can be flawless on footwear and then fall on the rest. It only takes a moment to look like a slob!

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