Rihanna filmed while sniffing cocaine

Rihanna filmed while sniffing cocaine

The singer enjoys "a little too much" in the Coachella beckstage

Stars and drugs: difficult lives

Coachella is without doubt the most alternative music festival in the States and it is appropriate to say that they are seen in all colors. Together with ordinary people, celebs who have fun to the rhythm of electronics are also frequent. Rihanna was no exception, on the contrary, she exaggerated. And a slaughter happened. The user @_MissTink posts a shocked amateur video on Twitter, taken among others by Perez Hilton: the friends dance, Rihanna sitting at a table rolls a white cylinder, then disappears from the frame and when she reappears she is intent on touching her nose in misunderstanding. Was the cantata snorting cocaine? Browse the gallery and judge for yourself.

In a second video we see the badgirl Riri preparing a cigarette with tobacco, or at least it seems. But in the photos of Coachella you can see her always holding thin cigars or spinels and never cigarettes. The doubt remains. Rihanna for her part defends herself: “Any idiot can see that in that video I'm just making a cigarette! Who the hell would sniff tobacco? ”. In the past, she has been photographed several times while smoking spinels and has not hidden the fact that she is in favor of legalizing marijuana. In 2012, always at the Coachella, the singer triggered furious controversies, after having published on the web a photo in which she placed white powder on the head of a shaved man, as if he were then to snort it.

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