Rio 2016 Olympics, blue hopes: Niccolò Campriani

Rio 2016 Olympics, blue hopes: Niccolò Campriani

The athlete Niccolò Campriani is leaving for Rio. Italy has high hopes in him, winner of a gold and a silver in shooting in London 2012

The Florentine shooter Niccolò Campriani, Nicco for friends, born in 1987, is a leading athlete in a little-known sport: Target Shooting. During the last Olympic games in London he managed to conquer a gold in the free rifle specialty three positions (ground, feet and knee) at 50 meters and a silver with the air rifle at 10 meters.
Those who approach this sport almost immediately discover that a great self-discipline is needed to be able to repeat the same gesture for an infinite number of times, without ever making a mistake, with the sole purpose of hitting a white dot located at fifty or ten meters distance.

Campriani opens his sporting career by winning a silver, in an air rifle, in Goteborg in 2003 during the European Junior Championships.
From that moment his sporting career is full of triumphs, the medals won in international competitions are not counted. Until the 2008 Beijing Olympics where he discovers he has an extremely difficult opponent to overcome: the fear of the last blow. This is the winner and Niccolò only finishes twelfth. The disappointment is so great and the young athlete understands that he must review and improve his way of facing competitions. He humbly puts himself back on the line.

Those who know him well describe him as a person who, when he wants something, does not give up until he obtains the desired result. He does not lack character.
He leaves Italy, moves to America, trains and studies without ever losing sight of his goal. He graduated in engineering and participates in the London Olympics with the results that everyone knows. But he has not mounted his head and continues to train with seriousness and constancy.
After this magical moment he wants to share with others the emotions he has experienced and in 2013 he publishes a book: “Remember to forget the fear. What makes an athlete a happy man ".

As is logical, there is no rifle shooter worthy of the name who does not want to follow his training tips.
It is not only a matter of technique, it is the man who must commit his whole being. But not only the muscles come into play, it is the brain that has a predominant part if you want to achieve perfection.
Now we are on the home straight, the Rio 2016 Olympics are about to begin and everyone's eyes are on him, the smiling Niccolò Campriani, with the hope that he will give us another Olympic emotion.

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