Risks for those who are outdoors: vipers, spiders, wasps

From bees to spiders, to vipers: here are the dangers of those who are outdoors and how to protect themselves to the fullest.

Vipers, spiders and wasps: the risks for those who spend their days outdoors are many and increase in the case of children.

After several months spent at home, the time has come to enjoy the sun and go out for walks in the park or in the mountains, diving in the sea and picnics in the countryside. Summer is the time when you spend much more time outdoors, but there are many dangers lurking. Insects, such as bees, hornets and wasps, threaten the serenity, whose bite can cause an anaphylactic shock.

Spiders, which in Italy and Europe are far from harmless, should not be underestimated either. Just think of the fearsome violin spider, but also of the black widow of the Mediterranean or malmignatta. It is a red and black insect that has a very painful bite that causes inflammation and hypersensitivity, with the appearance of ulcers in the affected area.

During walks in the mountains and in the countryside it is always best to pay attention to where you put your feet and protect your ankles to avoid being bitten by a viper. The important thing in these cases is to remain calm and act promptly. The wound should never be touched or washed with water, instead a bandage can be applied above the bite without tightening too much. Afterwards it is essential to go to the emergency room or to the nearest anti-poison center.

Lastly, even the sea is full of pitfalls, especially if you come across traces or jellyfish. The sting of these animals causes intense pain in the affected area and rarely an allergic reaction. In any case it is always better to consult a doctor, after having applied something warm (like sand) on the affected area, to stop the action of the toxin and reduce discomfort.

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