Rita Dalla Chiesa, Falcone and Capaci 28 years later: "There are nights when I can't sleep"

On Instagram, Rita Dalla Chiesa remembers Giovanni Falcone and the Capaci massacre: impossible to forget

Rita Dalla Chiesa recalls on Instagram the massacre of Capaci, the death of judge Giovanni Falcone, but above all one of the most difficult periods of his life. It was 1982 when his father, General Carlo Alberto Della Chiesa, was killed in Palermo in an attack.

At the time, Rita, the fruit of her union with her first wife, and sister of Nando and Simona, was a young woman. The disappearance of the father, in such a tragic and violent way, profoundly marks the presenter who has never stopped remembering the General's struggle against the mafia and the injustices suffered since then. Among the people who, after that tragic September 3, 1982, remained beside Rita Dalla Chiesa, is Giovanni Falcone.

The former Forum star revealed that he had met the magistrate during the investigation and found support in him. "I have the certainty that he, even when he moved to Rome, continued his search for truth until the end – he had revealed to Corriere della Sera some time ago -. A few days after the attack in which dad died, he received me in Palermo, in his study, to check some details of the general's diaries. He asked me if I wanted a coffee – he had revealed -. A man with a tray entered: there were ten cups on top, but in that room it was just me and the judge! I looked at Falcone quizzically and he shook his head: 'You never know,' he said, choosing a random cup. Who knows how many times he took one hoping that there was coffee inside and nothing else. "

Some time later, Giovanni Falcone died following an attack organized by the Cosa Nostra. It was May 23, 1992, in an episode that would go down in history as the Capaci massacre. Twenty-eight years later Fabrizio Frizzi's ex-wife wanted to remember Borsellino's colleague on Instagram. A moving post in which the presenter expresses all her pain and anger at something that cannot be done, must not be forgotten.

"There are nights when you can't sleep – wrote Rita on Instagram -. Because, while many don't remember, or try to hide obvious truths, you instead remember everything. And no one, except those who lived those days on their own skin, can understand the devastation you carry inside. #capaci 23 May 1992 ".

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