Roberta Giarrusso, the ballet in lingerie conquers Instagram


Roberta Giarrusso enchants on Instagram with a fun hip hop ballet where she shows off an amazing body

Roberta Giarrusso enchanted Instagram by posting on her Instagram profile the hilarious video of the ballet in lingerie where she shows an amazing body.

The actress wins miles of followers with her dancing curtain and sharing the clip on Instagram comments: "By popular demand 🤣 then I'll post it to you by the Guilt of @riccardo_dipasquale", or her husband, film and record producer, with whom she celebrated the June 16, 2020 the first wedding anniversary.

In the video, Roberta Giarrusso unleashes a hip hop ballet, barefoot and wearing a complete black underwear, very chaste to be honest. Born in 1982, the actress and former Miss Televoto 2001 has nothing to envy to her twenties and her abs are made of steel.

Many rush to congratulate on Instagram for the fun break and among these many VIP names. Like Chiara Giordano who writes: “Olé” or Eleonora Pedron. The syncopated rhythm makes someone come with the cervical: “I got the neck just looking at you 😂😂 but it was worth it”. Others are enchanted: “Splendid, make it often with these videos”. There is no shortage of ironic comments: “This is you after the holidays !!! Imagine first !!! 😘bella !! ". She certainly does not lack energy, as someone notes: "Ammappateee, super energetic and beautiful Robi". And there are those who would like to see it in other videos: "Wonderful, make it often with these videos". Giarrusso replies with irony: “no, then I have pain the next day”.

The beautiful Roberta collects the compliments: she is simply amazing and very funny. Somehow it recalls the style of Michelle Hunziker, always full of determination, ready to make her fans smile and to lighten even the most difficult moments, playing with class with her beauty.

And speaking of beauty, Roberta Giarrusso after the participation of Miss Italy has given herself to cinema and TV where she conquered the Italians by participating in successful fiction such as Carabinieri, Don Matteo, Che Dio ciagli, Il Commissario Manara and in 2020 in Inspector Montalbano.

She distinguished herself with imitations at Tale and Which Show, while with her husband Riccardo Di Pasquale she participated in Beijing Express under the name of I Promessi Sposi. Roberta is also Giulia's mother, born on 20 July 2017 out of love for her spouse.

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