Roberta Morise speaks for the first time about Giulio Fratini and their love

Roberta Morise speaks for the first time about Giulio Fratini and their love

Roberta Morise confesses for the first time about her love for the entrepreneur Giulio Fratini

Roberta Morise confesses, telling for the first time her love for Giulio Fratini, her new boyfriend. Former face of the Legacy and regular character of Detto Fatto conducted by Bianca Guaccero, Roberta in recent years has often been at the center of gossip for her loves.

La Morise lived an intense love story with Carlo Conti. Later the presenter married Francesca Vaccaro, with whom he had the son Matteo in 2014, while Roberta was linked to the manager Luca. Numerous flirtations were then attributed to the presenter, first with Eros Ramazzotti, fresh from divorce from Marica Pellegrinelli, then with Ignazio Boschetto from Il Volo.

"For a long time I have been attributed a different boyfriend each time – Morise confessed to Intimacy -, but now I can finally say that I am living a beautiful love story with Giulio. I am very well and I am happy ”. Roberta's new boyfriend is Giulio Fratini, an entrepreneur who gave the presenter a smile and who in the past had a love story with Raffaella Fico.

Born in 1991, Fratini is the son of the entrepreneur Sandro Fratini, owner of the Wtb Hotels chain of hotels. Giulio works in the family business and is a brilliant manager, with active investments in bioenergy and clothing. It is no coincidence that he was included by Forbes in the list of new Italian talents who distinguished themselves in 2020. He also works as CEO of the Belvedere Angelico holding and is particularly linked to the Rifle brand that his grandfather founded several years ago. Not only that: Roberta Morise's new boyfriend is also famous for having one of the most famous and prestigious collection of watches in the world: 2,000 watches with a very high value.

"I had a long history with a well-known person and probably the reason why this story ended is the fact that we were so exposed – he had told some time ago, also talking about the gossip about him regarding Ramazzotti and Boschetto -. They are people I know, whom I respect and who respect me, but it is absurd not to be able to date someone without going through their girlfriends. At first, certain pseudo news made me laugh, then I suffered a bit ".

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