Roberto Bolle, tenderness in Venice with Daniel Lee

Roberto Bolle, tenderness in Venice with Daniel Lee

Roberto Bolle took a vacation in Venice with Daniel Lee, between tenderness and smiles

Roberto Bolle enjoys a vacation in Venice with Daniel Lee, between tenderness and smiles. The dancer took a little break from work to devote himself to the affections. Together with him, the creative director of Bottega Veneta, a well-known fashion house, with which the feeling is evident. The two were paparazzati by the weekly Chi during their stay in Venice. In the shots Roberto smiles next to Daniel during a boat trip, showing a strong understanding with his friend.

According to what the magazine reveals, Bolle and Lee would have organized a tour of Venice, Burano and Murano, walking through the narrow streets and enjoying lunch in one of the most famous restaurants of the Lagoon. Finally, they would stay overnight at the Aman Venice of Palazzo Papadopoli, a luxury hotel that had previously hosted the wedding reception of George Clooney and Amal. Always reserved and far from gossip, the dancer has never talked about his private life, protecting it at all costs. A professional appreciated all over the world and a much loved face of dance, the étoile in the shots embraces his friend David Lee and indulges in tenderness and smiles.

The creator of Danza with me has always preferred to keep loves and passions to himself, rarely talking about them even in interviews. The last flirtation that was attributed to him is the one with Antonio Spagnolo, a well-known plastic surgeon. Roberto Bolle had not openly confirmed the story, but in an interview with the weekly Oggi he had made it clear that he had experienced strong feelings, which however ended shortly after. "What has been between me and Roberto is there for all to see – he said -. You have seen it and there is nothing wrong with it, nothing to be ashamed of. It was a passion, indeed, I would say a great desire to get to know each other. A good start, but he went to die alone. " On the pages of the French magazine Numero Homme, he then clarified the desire not to talk about his private life and to live his affections away from the spotlight. "I never talked about my privacy and I don't intend to start now," he said.

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