Romantic and cheap DIY Valentine's Day beauty gifts

Romantic and cheap DIY Valentine's Day beauty gifts

Easy DIY beauty gift ideas that you didn't think you could make: for a different Valentine's Day, for him, for her or for the couple

If Valentine's Day gift ideas are in short supply, why not create a romantic DIY thought? It's easy to make items by hand that will make her or him happy or fun to use as a couple, for a pampering evening for two. A hot bath with aromatic and intoxicating salts, a couple shower with a scrub for smooth and soft skin to caress or a spa ritual directly at home, not bad right? Or maybe a nice relaxing massage or a lip scrub for sweet and funny kisses. Let's see together how to make these cheap DIY Valentine's Day gifts.

table with towels, bath salts, soap, lavender, candle and flasks


  • The perfumed bath salts, perfect for a relaxing bath alone or as a couple
  • The aphrodisiac body scrub for smooth and velvety skin
  • The basket with the spa beauty ritual, but at home
  • The intoxicating massage oil that leaves room for imagination and soft skin
  • The edible lip scrub, with natural ingredients, fun to lick
  • The rose scented soap with petals and buds, sweet and delicate

The perfumed bath salts, perfect for a relaxing bath alone or as a couple

Bath salts are a quick Valentine's Day gift to make but above all at a low cost. Just get an empty jar, even those for preserves will be fine, to fill with the mixture. Then mix some coarse salt or, for a draining and beneficial effect, some Dead Sea salts. If you want to color them pink or red, add a few drops of food coloring to your liking and vegetable glycerin to make the mixture softer and more moisturizing or, an even more low-cost alternative, add sweet almond oil.

Let it dry overnight and now add the fragrance you like best, choosing essential oils that are perfect for a relaxing bath. Lavender first of all, but also the classic rose, lemon, orange and mandarin for a boost of energy or mint and eucalyptus for a refreshing bath, especially in summer. Then just put your salts in the jar of your choice and decorate it to your liking. You can write a romantic phrase, the lyrics of a song that represent you, paint it more abstractly or decorate it with star anise, pine cones, slices of dried orange or rosebuds.

glass jar with yellow scrub and lemon slices

The aphrodisiac body scrub for smooth and velvety skin

With the same base as the bath salts you can also make a body scrub, to use alone or having fun in the shower giving you a scented pampering that will leave your skin smooth and soft. The coarse salt alone can be too abrasive, it is better to add sugar, more delicate and less exfoliating, or alternatively replace it directly with the salt, to make a scrub.

Combine the oil of your choice, sweet almond or wheat germ, moisturizing and firming. Better to avoid olive oil, whose too strong fragrance could overpower essential oils. Choose aphrodisiacs that ignite desire, such as rose but even better patchouli, jasmine, Ylang Ylang, rosewood, sandalwood, ginger or neroli. Stir with a spoon and adjust with the consistency, then place the mixture in a jar and decorate it to your taste.

pink surface with brush, towel, sponge, bath salts, soap, candles, bubble bath

The basket with the spa beauty ritual, but at home

A day at the Spa is what it takes to relax together, after a day of work, indulging in pampering and tenderness for two. However, if in this period the idea of ​​going out of the house is not the best, here you can recreate the atmosphere of a spa even at home. Choose a basket and decorate it with dried flowers, dried fruit, Valentine's Day-themed wooden applications or perhaps by printing and laminating your photos.

Insert the towels or bathrobes and slippers inside, just like a real entrance to the spa. Then fill it with relaxing bath products such as bath salts, scrubs, bubble baths, body lotion or massage oil and let your evening of beauty treatments for two begin!

shelf with bath salts, colored soap, candle, glass bottle and plant

The intoxicating massage oil that leaves room for imagination and soft skin

Preparing a solid massage oil is really easy and fast and you only need a few ingredients, the important thing is to respect the right doses for it to solidify. It is ideal for moisturizing, nourishing and softening the skin, to be used after a shower or to offer the partner a relaxing evening, between pampering and caressing. As a first step, heat 30g of shea butter, 40g of cocoa (or you can choose just one and use 70g in total), 25g of beeswax and 5g of sweet almond oil in a bain-marie.

Once all the ingredients have been blended, add a few drops of essential oil of your choice, from the most aphrodisiac to the most energizing or based on the tastes of the person to whom you want to give the gift. Pour immediately into the molds you have previously chosen, for example in the shape of a heart, inside which you can place some flower petal, small hearts or glitter suitable for the body or other small decorations. Let it solidify in the fridge and have fun using your oil, but if you have applied some decoration, melt it first in your hands, to avoid scratching your partner's skin.

woman reflected in the mirror touches her lips

The edible lip scrub, with natural ingredients, fun to lick

The lip scrub is a gift as simple to make as it is fun to use, especially as a couple. The important thing is that it is edible, that is, that it can be eaten and that it is not toxic, because this is where the fun comes. Using only food products, you can indulge in sweet kisses, trying to recognize the flavors … and you know, one kiss leads to another!

Add some white sugar and honey, so as to form a mixture that is not too liquid but not too grainy. Then add a single drop of essential oil for food use: cinnamon, ginger, anise, lemon, orange or alternatively essence of vanilla, orange blossom or simple cocoa or coffee. Divide each taste of scrub into many glass jars with lids and enjoy kissing until you have guessed all tastes.

silicone mold with soap, flowers, lavender, dark bottle and petals

The rose scented soap with petals and buds, sweet and delicate

As with massage oil, the molds can also be used to make scented and decorated soaps. Just buy some Marseille soap or natural neutral soap and cut it into small pieces or, even better, into flakes. Melt it in a bain-marie and prepare the heart-shaped molds, inserting glitter, hearts, dried flowers or rosebuds on the bottom.

Once the soap has melted in a water bath, add essential oils to your taste and if you want the soap to be colored with food coloring. Spray a few drops of alcohol on the molds before pouring the dissolved soap, this will prevent the formation of bubbles. If you do not want the decorations to remain all on the bottom, you can make a first pour without reaching the edge, let it solidify as needed and thus create more layers of decorations. Once the molds are filled and the final part is also decorated, sprinkle a little alcohol again and let it solidify.

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