Romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day

Romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day

From a romantic dinner to a romantic getaway: here's what to do on Valentine's Day

Rose petals, heart-shaped packages, chocolates: if these images reminded you of the most romantic party of the year, you are on the right track! The most popular question for lovers is always what to do on Valentine's Day, so that it can be special and unforgettable.

In this article we will explore the best original ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day, from cooking to outdoor experiences, also mentioning amazing truly unique ideas for celebrating at home with your sweetheart. Get inspired!


  • Romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day
  • Romantic escape for Valentine's Day
  • Wellness center and SPA on Valentine's Day
  • A fun experience together
  • Gourmet dinner in a luxury restaurant
  • Aperitif at sunset
  • One night at the planetarium
  • Valentine's Day in… quarantine

Romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day

The most classic (and timeless) evening involves dinner out, and restaurants usually help a lot in creating the right atmosphere. Book his favorite restaurant without his knowledge, give him an appointment outside the house and… escort your sweetheart directly to the dinner place.

Between heart-shaped balloons, candles and great food, don't forget a classic bouquet of fresh flowers or a small gift to let him know how much you love him.

Romantic escape for Valentine's Day

February is a tiring month: we resume working at full capacity after the transition between Christmas and January, and the summer holidays are a distant mirage. That's why an excellent idea on what to do on Valentine's Day could be hidden in giving your him or her a romantic getaway.

A solution that fits any budget, and which can include delightful mountain chalets where you can arrive comfortably with your car, like a European city of art just a few hours away by plane. Even better if the trip is organized with your partner in the dark, for a truly unforgettable surprise! Here are some ideas for a romantic getaway:

  • mountain chalet;
  • B&B in an ancient village;
  • luxury hotel with panoramic sea views;
  • hotel or apartment in a city of art;
  • weekend in a country with food and wine tasting tour;
  • weekend in a farmhouse.

Wellness center and SPA on Valentine's Day

Relaxation is never too much, especially if everyday life gets a grip on it and the couple appears a bit tired and unmotivated. For a romantic and sensual Valentine's Day, nothing better than booking a wellness center for a couple's SPA, perhaps with an attached massage. The spas also offer special Valentine's Day packages, which include both beauty treatments and a romantic aperitif, in an atmosphere made of candles, scented incense and soft lighting … perfect, right?

A fun experience together

There are those who appreciate shameless romanticism and those who, on the other hand, have based their life as a couple on a different harmony, made up of laughter and fun sharing experiences. If you see yourself in this type, then you can try to give your partner a Valentine's Day that reflects your child's soul: a ride on a roller coaster or a full day in an amusement park, an adventure park where you can climb rock walls or a horseback ride in a riding school outside the city.

Gourmet dinner in a luxury restaurant

We have already mentioned the classic dinner out with chocolates, flower bouquets and menus designed for the occasion. But if you consider yourself a foodie, you are passionate about cooking and what you like most is experimenting with new tastes, why not treat yourself to a super luxury dinner in a starred restaurant? A Valentine's Day idea that is certainly not obvious and truly unique, which will make the party truly special. Opt for a tasting menu with your other half, without forgetting to accompany everything with excellent wine.

Aperitif at sunset

Valentine's Day is not just dinner out and elegant dress: even an aperitif at sunset, sipping a simple beer or a glass of white wine, can make it fantastic. If you can easily reach a seaside location by car, don't miss the opportunity to celebrate Valentine's Day with your feet in the sand, a warm blanket that wraps you both and a small picnic basket full of simple but delicious foods. Small sandwiches, stuffed savory croissants, and even chips become full of meaning when the sea is in front of you. Seeing is believing!

One night at the planetarium

Your partner is the center of your world: your sun, your star, your universe… If you see yourself in this “stellar” theme, why not book an evening in a planetarium to observe the sky together? If you don't have a planetarium nearby, you can get a very powerful telescope or binoculars and organize an evening in the mountains or in the hills to observe the stars. You will see that the moment will also prove favorable for important gifts or proposals, such as a box with a ring inside.

Valentine's Day in… quarantine

It is easy to be romantic when there are dinners out, experiences or travels … more difficult when you are forced within your own four walls! Spending Valentine's Day at home, especially in this historical period, is unfortunately a tangible reality. But don't despair: we offer you some quirky, creative and fun ideas to make this party crackling and super romantic even at home. Ready to discover them?

Four hands ethnic dinner

Love and food, you know, often travel hand in hand. For a Valentine's Day at home, play in advance and prepare a delicious dinner for your partner, even better if together. Buy ingredients in advance and prepare an evening of home-made sushi, tapas, steamed Chinese dumplings and more.

A concert … for two

A decidedly romantic idea that will strike your loved one in the heart: the concert for two. A selection of songs that you will choose from a streaming platform and that you will launch in your bluetooth speaker (not before having lit a candle or two), and which reproduce the salient moments of your story. The song of your first kiss, your first date or your wedding.

Delivery and movie night

Get soft pillows and comfortable blankets to put on the floor, to create a small romantic corner in front of the TV or projector for a "romantic movie" night. Top it all off with a delivery of your choice, such as a good and timeless pizza or a tasty and juicy hamburger with fries attached. Simple, effective, and with a strong intimacy.

Treasure hunt

Why limit yourself to giving simple gifts, when you can organize a real treasure hunt at home as a Valentine's surprise? Prepare the cards in advance and disseminate them in the hidden corners of your home, asking your partner to go in search of his "treasure". Have fun helping him interpret the clues, and easily enliven an evening at home in an original and fun way.

Discover your sexy side

The quarantine can be a deterrent to the couple's sex life, especially when the time at home expands a lot. Take advantage of Valentine's Day to bring some "pepper" and give your other half an evening … of fire! Not only sexy and alluring lingerie, but a real intriguing and enticing tour: edible underwear for him and her, an improvised striptease in the bedroom or in the living room … let yourself go to a truly red Valentine's Day!

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