Romantic surprises to do on Valentine's Day

Romantic surprises to do on Valentine's Day

Are you looking for romantic and original ideas to celebrate your love? Here are 10 beautiful ideas for the day dedicated to lovers

On February 14th we celebrate the feast of lovers from all over the world and like every year, starting from early February starts the race in search of the gift that can literally leave your him or her speechless. In some cases, however, it can change, so why not think of a Valentine's Day surprise that can excite and amaze your partner? Not only gifts purchased online or in stores, but this year you can choose to indulge yourself with DIY items, experiences or activities to enjoy together to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. So if you are ready to organize an unforgettable day to celebrate your love, here are 10 Valentine's Day surprises to organize right away!


  • A romantic dinner for Valentine's Day
  • A moment of relaxation and well-being with a home made SPA
  • Recreate your first appointment
  • A romantic treasure hunt
  • A jar full of love
  • A weekend away
  • A photo book or scrapbook
  • A box full of balloons
  • A portrait to say I love you
  • Let the music tell you

A romantic dinner for Valentine's Day

The first of the surprises of Valentine's Day is the organization of a romantic dinner: at this point you will think it might be trivial, but it is not. After a day of work, imagine going home, setting it up in a romantic way with candles and soft lights, playing some background music and preparing your favorite dishes. If you don't like cooking, no problem, you can always rely on your favorite restaurant for a gourmet take away. In this way you will be at home, relaxing and you can dedicate time to yourself, perhaps even allowing yourself a movie after dinner. Try to organize everything in secret, so that the WOW effect is guaranteed as soon as you cross the threshold of the house.

A moment of relaxation and well-being with a home made SPA

The idea of ​​creating a home made SPA is perfect both as the crowning glory of dinner, or in its place, if you don't feel like cooking. If you have a bathtub at home, the result is guaranteed, but you can equip yourself even if you have a shower. Start preparing a hot bath with scented salts, effervescent spheres or essential oils. Create a path of candles around the tub and put a playlist in the background: the result is guaranteed! After the bath, you cannot miss a relaxing back massage: in this case natural oils such as jojoba, coconut and macadamia oils come to your aid, which you can also enrich with essential oils in this case. What if you only have a shower? You could think of setting it up with an aromatherapy shower head and even in this case, end the relaxation experience with a nice massage.

Recreate your first appointment

Another surprise that will amaze your him or her is to recreate your first date. What's more romantic than reliving the emotions of your meeting? Whether you met for dinner with friends, on a trip or in any other situation, try to think locally about what objects and the atmosphere that characterized that exact moment were. Recreating the same dynamics will be not only suggestive, but also a lot of fun! If, on the other hand, your first date was not a moment to repeat, you can always focus on an anniversary that has a particular meaning for you, such as the first trip together, the moment you adopted a pet or the moment when you was the fateful marriage proposal.

A romantic treasure hunt

Among the surprises of Valentine's Day not to be missed there is also the organization of a romantic treasure hunt. First, as with all treasure hunts you will have to decide what the final prize will be and where to hide it. Based on this, you can proceed backwards in organizing all the steps necessary to achieve it. Each part of the treasure hunt can retrace your love story, starting from how you met up to now. You can choose to do it outdoors, or at home: if you choose to do it outdoors, carefully select the places to put the various clues, for example, your favorite places.

Also consider the length of the game, the distances to go, and the type of clues you want to use. Do you prefer to write cards or print photos? Obviously try to ask questions and test your partner so that the game is fun and with a hint of puzzle and competition. Do not forget to leave some small gifts along the way and of course, to choose a final gift with the WOW effect.

A jar full of love

If you prefer something that lasts over time to experiences, you could think of a simple and low-cost DIY gift, but certainly effective. Grab a glass jar with the style you like and fill it with lots of cards in which you will write what you love about him / her and what made you fall in love. It will be very romantic and also fun to read the cards together, which you can then keep as a souvenir of an unforgettable evening.

A weekend away

If you have the opportunity, why not think about a weekend away? For those with the spirit of wanderlust, there is nothing more beautiful than spending moments on the road with the person you love. You can choose a stay in the mountains or by the sea which has its charm even in February. If, on the other hand, you prefer a location close to a lake, you can associate a structure that has an internal SPA, or you can spend a weekend discovering a beautiful city of art. Whatever your choice, you don't necessarily have to take a plane, but very often close to home you have wonderful places that you take for granted. Take the car and let yourself be guided by romance for the choice of your dream weekend.

A photo book or scrapbook

The scrapbook is to all intents and purposes an album that you make with the DIY, putting photos, memories and drawings. A book that gives free rein to your creativity and does not bind you to just using photos. The scrapbook in recent years has become very fashionable as a gift between friends, or between lovers, because it allows you to create a very personal creative book of memories. For example, you can insert some of your photos, but also plane, train and travel tickets. You can also insert objects that unite you and you can crown it all with hand lettering, drawings or some illustrations that you can make according to your taste.

Making a state of the art scrapbook takes time and a minimum of creative ability: choose this gift only if you feel ready for this challenge, otherwise you could also involve an artist you like and have it made directly by a professional. The alternative to the scrapbook is the classic photo book that you can now also choose to have it printed directly online and receive it at home by post. There are very high quality photo books that become small works of art, especially if you are passionate about photography. In this case you just have to choose the photos to be printed and the layout.

A box full of balloons

Use Valentine's Day to communicate important news or something new in your life. To do this, however, you will have to create an unprecedented WOW effect. An example would be a decorated box filled with balloons to which you attach cards. You can choose to decorate the box with DIY, or buy it ready-made. All you have to do is inflate the balloons with helium so that they fly upwards and attach a note with a cord at the end in which you will write the news you want to give to your him or her. So when he opens the box he will be surrounded by balloons that will literally leave him speechless.

A portrait to say I love you

A romantic and decidedly sui generis way to say I love you is to have a portrait made by an illustrator or artist. Very often it is enough to simply send your photo and some information on what your passions and interests are, to have a real work of art to frame at home. Instead of a classic photo, a portrait with the style you prefer can become an indelible memory of your love story.

Let the music tell you

One last experience not to be missed among the surprises of Valentine's Day, especially if your partner is passionate about music, is to give tickets to a concert or a theatrical performance, of course you will attend together. Giving a ticket to the concert of his favorite band or to a show he has been dreaming of for some time is the best way to amaze him and make an appointment in the following months to enjoy an evening of your own.

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