Rome, announcement of the new mayor Virginia Raggi: "The junta is closed"

Rome, announcement of the new mayor Virginia Raggi: "The junta is closed"

Even if there is a dispute over the latest names, the Mayor Raggi team will be made official on Thursday

The son of the mayor of Rome sat on the mother's bench during a break of the first Capitoline Assembly. The installation of Virginia Raggi mayor of Rome went live on Facebook.

The junta of Roma Capitale is ready assures Virginia Raggi who announced it to the reporters. For the presentation of the team that will support the first citizen in his mandate, wait for Thursday, the day of the first city council after the elections.

Some names have already leaked, others still have tussles. On the other hand, there was a small internal war in the 5 Star Movement to conquer the most important armchairs and perhaps there is still. Two factions, one led by Roberta Lombardi, the other by Luigi Di Maio, annoyed by the controversy, got angry with the press: the "hallucinations of journalists, intellectually dishonest, who invent things on a healthy basis".

A nervous situation that seems to have ended and resulted in a list: six men and three women, to which mayor and head of cabinet Daniela Morgante add. Donna also the deputy chief of staff Virginia Proverb.

The quarrels focused on two armchairs, that of the Transportation – the Rays wants the ex councilor Enrico Stefano – and the delegation to the Participated, which Virginia would like to entrust to the very trusted and talked Daniele Frongia, perhaps also future deputy mayor, as well as the presumed secret love of the first town. Meanwhile, for Patrimony and Participate there is also talk of Salvatore Romeo.

In short, a little patience and Thursday the official list of names.

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