Romina Carrisi talks about her working future: “I would never go to D’Urso’s”

Romina Carrisi: "Mai dalla D'Urso"

The youngest daughter of Al Bano and Romina Power, Romina Carrisi, talks about her future and explains why she will no longer participate in reality shows

Al Bano’s birthday and Romina challenges Loredana (who responds in kind)

There is bad blood between the Carrisis and Barbara D’Urso. After Cristel Carrisi’s post in which the young woman made fun of D’Urso, now it’s up to Romina Carrisi to have her say.

The daughter of Al Bano therefore seems to follow in the footsteps of her mother, she too, unlike the other children, has always refused the invitations of the host of Canale 5.

The future of the young Carrisi will not pass through the salons of Barbara D’Urso

The 34-year-old, the youngest daughter of Al Bano and Romina Power, expressed herself publicly by bringing up the presenter Barbara D’Urso and stated that she would not go to her TV lounges for any reason: “I would never go into containers that do not belong to me and that don’t bring out the best parts of me. In short, I would never go to d’Urso! ”, He said. Unlike her older brothers, Cristel and Yari, Romina Jr has never been a guest of the presenter’s TV lounges.

The Island of the Famous in 2005: an experience that he would not do again today

Romina Carrisi in 2005 had participated in the third edition of the Island of the Famous with her father Al Bano. In this regard he declared: “Why did I participate? I was intrigued by the idea of ​​living on a desert island and experiencing all the sensations connected with it. With hindsight I would not have participated in any way because I was not ready and I did not have the right equipment, neither emotional nor psychological nor physical, to face such an experience “.

But he has no doubts about his future working and even if they have proposed them to him, Romina Jr says that he would never accept to participate in a reality show. The motivation? The fact of being convinced of not being able to give the best in this kind of programs: “First of all because the internal dynamics do not count as much as the external ones they want to intertwine: I don’t want to go and put my family or third parties in the middle”, she declared the young woman.

In the meantime, the kiss with Emanuele Caserio appears

What is certain is that the woman has always kept a certain reserve on her private matters, even if only a few days ago on her Instagram profile a photo of a kiss with Emanuele Caserio at Lilly and the Vagabond popped up, while the two were eating. a plate of spaghetti at the home of the daughter of the singer from Cellino San Marco.

At the moment, however, we do not know for sure if the sympathy between Romina Carrisi and Emanuel Caserio has turned into love: what we can say is that the complicity between the two is certainly palpable.

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