Romina Power, her sister Taryn dies: the moving farewell on Instagram

Romina Power, her sister Taryn dies: the moving farewell on Instagram

Romina Power reveals her pain on Instagram and announces the death of Taryn, the beloved sister

A moving farewell and a poignant letter is the one written by Romina Power for Taryn, the beloved sister who died after a battle against leukemia. The disease did not leave Romina's sister's escape, who died in her home in California, surrounded by the love of her children and grandchildren. The two had a strong bond and several times Power had expressed her affection for her sister, posting photos and videos of their trips to the United States or of her visits to Cellino San Marco.

"My sister, Taryn reached our parents yesterday at 9:53 am at her home in Wisconsin – Romina wrote on Instagram – surrounded by her 4 children and her 4 grandchildren after having fought a one and a half year battle with leukemia. He left us a luminous being, a loving mother, exceptional grandmother and a unique and special sister for her humor, her generosity and the love she had for animals and nature. I couldn't have a better sister in this life! ".

Power posted a recorded video some time ago in which she and Taryn drive across the desert by car, listening to music and chatting. A carefree moment between sisters that Romina wanted to remember, telling the solar character of a person who has been fundamental in her life. In the background, the song Cheek to Cheek by Fred Astaire that reads: "Heaven, I'm in heaven / And my heart beats so I can't speak / And I seem to find the happiness I seek / When we are together dancing, cheek to cheek".

Shortly after Romina published some shots, commenting with a red heart and the writing: "Taryn". Images that come from the past, with the two little sisters hugging each other or just teenagers laughing together. Moving shots that demonstrate the beautiful relationship between the daughters of Tyrone Power and Linda Christian.

Just a few weeks ago Al Bano Carrisi's brother had remembered the period of his career when, together with Taryn, Romina and the singer from Cellino San Marco, he had formed a quartet that he had depopulated in Italy and in Europe. Taryn, on the other hand, had often been in Puglia and had a good relationship both with her grandchildren and with her ex-brother-in-law.

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