Romina Power, new message for her missing daughter Ylenia Carrisi

Romina Power, new message for her missing daughter Ylenia Carrisi

Romina Power publishes on Twitter another heartfelt appeal for her daughter, of whom nothing is known since 1993 and who today would be 47: "Where is Ylenia?"

Ylenia, Al Bano and Romina Power: their life together

Romina Power has posted a new message on her Twitter profile for her missing daughter, Ylenia Carrisi. The tweet reads: "Where is Ylenia? And where are the other hundreds of girls who disappear in New Orleans every year? Why is nothing done to stop this? "

Al Bano's ex-wife has never resigned herself to the idea that her daughter is no longer there, despite the fact that in 2016 the Brindisi court decreed the girl's presumed death, causing her parents a new and enormous pain. Nothing is known of the young woman since 1993.

This is not the first time that Romina has launched a heartfelt appeal on the Internet. Last November 29th – just on Ylenia's birthday which today would be 47 years old – he had published a similar message so as not to forget.

For some years Al Bano and Power have begun to sing in pairs. The last performance dates back to New Year's Eve during the broadcast of Rai 1. The gossip goes crazy in these hours for the alleged jealousy of Loredana Lecciso, the current companion of the Apulian singer. It seems that to Romina's provocation, Lecciso responded by posting a photo of Al Bano with their two children on her Instagram page.

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