Romina Power on Instagram: touching memory of her daughter Ylenia

Romina Power on Instagram: touching memory of her daughter Ylenia

After the statements by Al Bano, Romina Power shares her photo on Instagram with her missing daughter. Not to forget

Ylenia, Al Bano and Romina Power: their life together

Romina Power remembers her daughter Ylenia again on Instagram, who died in New Orleans on December 31, 1993.

Since then, nothing has been heard of the girl who would be 50 this year. Romina has never stopped hoping to find her again and it also shows with this last shared post on her Instagram page. Power published an old photo of her embracing Ylenia. Both smile and seem serene. A commentary says: "My sweet Ylenia with the smile of an angel".

Ylenia's sister, Romina Carrisi, responds promptly to the memory of her mother with a tender phrase: "I love this photo". Power's message arrives immediately after the documentary film is broadcast on Channel Five, It is my life, in which Al Bano tells its story from the beginning of his career to the most recent years and seems almost a response to his statements. The singer of Cellino San Marco could not fail to speak of the great sorrow for the disappearance of the first child and bitterly declared his defeat as a father, also because that of Ylenia seemed an announced tragedy:

Ylenia was of great affection, but she had her ideas. I understood her, because I too was like her. We have gone from a phase of complete harmony to complete happiness. We loved doing the same things. In the case of my daughter fate has had a violent word towards me. I saw exactly what was happening in his life and I swear I did everything to divert the law of destiny. I did everything there was to do to stop that poisonous wake of that coming destiny. I lost there as a father. I was given a great joy when she was born and a great pain since she is gone.

After the death of her daughter, the marriage between Al Bano and Romina goes into crisis and in 1999 the two divorce. Today the relationships have improved, they have found again the harmony of a time and they still make couple at least professionally. There are also rumors of their return to Sanremo in 2020. But on one point they still diverge: their daughter Ylenia. The singer asked and obtained that the girl's alleged death was recognized, but Power never agreed on this decision and still hopes it can be somewhere, alive.

Romina Power and Ylenia Carrisi – Source: Instagram

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