Romina Power, the touching wishes to her sister: "Today would have been your birthday"

Romina Power, the touching wishes to her sister: "Today would have been your birthday"

Romina Power moves her fans with a special dedication made on Instagram to her sister Taryn, who passed away a few months ago

There are affections, loves, feelings that never end: they never end, they are not cut off even if there is something as inevitable as death in the way. Romina Power knows it well, who in recent months has found herself facing a painful loss, that of her sister Taryn, pillar of her existence.

The bond with Taryn has always been a certainty for Romina. When the singer and artist needed help, support or comfort, she took refuge in the words of her sister who was always ready to relieve her pain. However, for the past two years, it was Romina who did everything to make her feel better.

In fact, Taryn was diagnosed with leukemia. Merciless and inclement, the disease drained the strength of the woman, who died on June 27, 2020, surrounded by the unconditional love of the family and the closest loved ones. From that moment, Romina has not stopped remembering her, talking about her.

Guest by Mara Venier, for example, Romina retraced Taryn's life: a highly spiritual existence, but also marked by loves of a certain caliber, such as those for Richard Chamberlain, for Lucio Battisti, for the photographer Norman Seeff or for the rock musician Tony Fox Sales. Romina continues to exalt her sister's life, full of interests and nuances that testified to her genius.

Taryn is and will always remain in Romina's words, because you know: physically saying goodbye to someone does not mean abandoning or forgetting him. And as long as the memory remains, the person we love will never abandon us. This is why Romina dedicates very sweet words to her sister, often and tenderly. The last occasion was that of Taryn's birthday, which Power wanted to commemorate with a post on Instagram.

Romina chose a touching photo. She and Taryn as little girls, very small but perfectly recognizable, dressed in white and tight in a pure, sweet and delicate embrace. In this shot, the Power accompanied the words:

Taryn, today would have been your birthday. This day will always be special for me!

A delicate but at the same time moving dedication, which once again expresses the strength of this bond, broken only on a physical level and never on an emotional one.

Romina and Taryn Power

Romina and Taryn Power as children. Source: Instagram

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