Rosa Di Grazia, the beautiful Amici dancer who is a model

Rosa Di Grazia

Rosa Di Grazia is one of the dancers who has stood out in the school of "Amici" both for her talent and for her beauty.

Rosa Di Grazia is one of the dancers of the twentieth edition of Amici: in the school of talents the young woman has made herself known for her skills and her undeniable beauty.

Born in 2000, Rosa was born in Naples, but lives in Santa Marinella, in the province of Rome with her parents, her sister and three brothers. Dance has always been her passion: a love that blossomed at an early age and grew over the years.

Before joining Amici's school, the girl had already landed on TV: together with her crew she also participated in Italia's Got Talent, reaching the final stages of the show. Prior to her talent experience, Rosa di Grazia also taught dance at a school in Santa Marinella, the city where she lives.

However, over the years dance has not represented the young woman's only passion: in fact, thanks to her beauty and charm, she has also been a model in the past, as evidenced by the many shots published on her Instagram account.

In fact, over time Rosa has shared – between one selfie and the next – several photos from photo shoots, where she posed wearing beautiful dresses and swimwear.

Di Grazia earned her place in Amici's school with a choreography created to the tune of 7 ringz by Ariana Grande, dancing on heels. Thanks to her talent, she immediately won the heart of Lorella Cuccarini, who decided to immediately assign her a desk.

The teacher during her journey in the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi has always supported and encouraged her, especially in the face of criticism from Alessandra Celentano, who from her first performances has never recognized her talents.

The opinions expressed by the dance teacher have aroused various controversies during Rosa Di Grazia's career, especially when she arrived at the evening phase. In fact, Celentano has opposed the young dancer several times, deeming her not deserving of such an opportunity.

Having entered Amici's school, Rosa fell in love with Deddy: after some initial hesitation, a tender feeling blossomed between the singer and the dancer. Before him, Di Grazia was having an affair with another boy, Filippo Bianchini, who decided to expose himself and defend his ex from Celentano's harsh criticism.

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