Rosemary Conley's diet: you lose 3 pounds in 7 days

Based on the alternation of days in the name of caloric restriction and other freer ones, it allows you to bring to the table different fancy dishes recommended by its creator

Rosemary Conley's diet is a dietary pathway that promises to lose about 3 kg in a week.

Created by the health expert and author of best sellers whose name it bears, it is also known as "3 – 2 -1 diet". Characterized by the absence of a predetermined duration – it all depends on how many kg a person intends to lose – it is based on the alternation between days in which the energy supply must not exceed 800 calories and others marked by the possibility of eating without particular restrictions.

The scheme of a hypothetical week may include the first 3 days in the name of calorie restrictions and the last 4 most free as regards the daily energy intake. If the diet continues for several weeks, the days of caloric restriction can be reduced as you go along. The eventual second week can in fact foresee only two.

Rosemary Conley's advice, which around her diet has created a real brand with a website with testimonials, also includes 20/30 minutes a day of exercise. Particularly the case of overweight people, who should start with about 5 minutes and increase the duration as they progress with the training.

What can you eat exactly during this diet? In her books, which have sold several million copies, Conley recommends several low-calorie recipes. An example is the Quorn sausage breakfast – one of the most popular meat substitutes – cherry tomatoes (about 8) and baked beans (80 grams). A tip for lunch instead involves the preparation of carrot and coriander soup, characterized instead by an energy intake of about 50 calories per serving.

Rosemary Conley's diet also leaves room for fish intake. A proof of this is the presence, among the recipes proposed in the books, of that of salmon with chimichurri sauce. In this case, we are talking about a dish that brings about 250 single-portion calories.

Remember that the scheme also includes the taking of snacks. Among those recommended by Conley, it is possible to include fruit first – e.g. bananas and strawberries – and fat-free Greek yogurt. This diet should only be started after seeking the advice of your doctor.

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