Rosemary essential oil, to get something extra

Rosemary essential oil, to get something extra

Are you looking for a natural remedy that will give you the right boost? Use rosemary essential oil, a natural stimulant for full energy.

Neroli essential oil, a natural antidepressant

Rosemary essential oil is truly marvelous, there are numerous reasons to keep it always at hand, here are its main properties.

Energizing and stimulating
The main characteristic of rosemary essential oil is that of being stimulating and for this reason it is indicated when you need an extra charge of energy, when you need willpower and courage. In addition to acting on the nervous system, it also acts on the brain by increasing memory, promoting concentration and the ability to effectively perform intellectual activities. It also stimulates the heart, so it's fine in case of weakness and low blood pressure, but it is to be avoided if you already have a fast heart beat. Spread its aroma with a fragrance burner for rooms to feel its tonic effect or put a few drops in the bath and immerse yourself to get rid of tension, tiredness and stress.

Purifies and drains
Rosemary essential oil is an ally of the line, it has in fact purifying and draining properties. Effectively counteracts cellulite, fat pads and swollen legs, improving circulation. Try adding 5 drops to massage oil (for example, almond oil) and massaging the areas to be treated, you will have immediate benefits. Its detoxifying effect mainly affects the biliary tract and the liver: take 2 drops with a little honey to activate its purifying action.

For joint pain, acne and oily hair
Rosemary essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties, that's why it is indicated in case of joint, muscle and rheumatic pains: dilute a few drops in massage oil, pass the ointment on the painful areas and the inflammation will subside. Having an astringent and antiseptic effect, use it even if you suffer from impure, stained and acne-prone skin. It is also found to be effective in the case of oily, dandruff, weak or falling hair. It will be sufficient to add a few drops of this oil to a neutral shampoo before washing them normally, while after washing it is recommended to massage the scalp always with a few drops of this oil, to increase its effectiveness.

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