Rossano Rubicondi, the images of the funeral: the pain of Ivana and friends

Rossano Rubicondi: immagini del funerale

Rossano Rubicondi, the images of the funeral in New York: the pain of Ivana Trump and the words of friends

The funeral of Rossano Rubicondi, who died of cancer on October 29, 2021, took place in New York, organized by his ex-wife Ivana Trump, who was with him until the end.

While rumors and inferences continue to chase each other on the causes and modalities of his death, on the probable alternative treatments to which he had entrusted, the images transmitted by Barbara D’Urso in Afternoon Cinque, which resume the funeral of Rossano, in the presence of friends, strike to the heart more expensive (there was also Roberto Alessi, who remembered him from the pulpit and wanted to toast his memory after the funeral, just “as he, so lover of life, would have liked”). And there was Ivana Trump, first lover and then lifelong friend. Destroyed by pain, supported by her son’s arms, sitting in the front row of the church.

Ivana gave Rossano 500 red roses, that fiery Italian she had married, from whom she had abruptly departed but which she had found over the years. Just this summer there were rumors about their possible new marriage: they themselves had talked about it, halfway between serious and facetious, already, in 2019, guests of Barbara D’Urso on Domenica Live, and many recent images, published by the Daily Mail and other foreign tabloids, which portrayed them together in New York, shopping and taking long walks, always arm in arm. The latest dates back to last July, with Rossano visibly thinner and aged.

Ivana Trump and Rossano Rubicondi in New York in July 2021

Rossano Rubicondi the mortuary of celebrities

Ivana Trump organized the funeral of her ex-husband and great friend Rossano Rubicondi in New York, setting up the Hollywood celebrity mortuary, the same one that saw the remains of stars such as Rudolph Valentino, Judy Garland, and first lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Rossano Rubicondi, the will to be cremated

The model and showman who passed away on October 29 at the age of 49, had expressed his desire to be cremated. The ashes should be split in half between Rossano’s parents and ex-wife Ivana Trump who took care of him to the end

Rossano Rubicondi, the parents absent at the funeral

Claudio and Rosa, the parents of Rossano Rubicondi, with whom he had broken off relations for several years, did not go to their son’s funeral: they did not feel like facing a long and emotionally demanding journey

Rossano Rubicondi, Ivana’s letter

Ivana Trump sent a letter to Mara Venier, who read it live on Domenica In: “I was very lucky to have lived next to him for almost twenty years of my life. As in most friendships and marriages, we have had our share of ups and downs too, but we have remained friends all along and have always protected each other: I will miss his friendship, l ‘energy, laughter, devotion to me ”, reads the farewell message from Ivana Trump, the 49-year-old’s ex-wife, entrusted to Mara Venier who read it live. “Even though he loved life too much to leave us so soon, I know his spirit will live on anytime, anywhere. Rest in peace”

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