Ruined feet? Treatments and tips for smooth and soft skin

Ruined feet? Treatments and tips for smooth and soft skin

Feet are a part of the body too often left aside, how can we have them smooth, soft and in order?

They are the most forgotten part of the body: the feet, let's face it, do not enjoy the stressful treatments that we reserve for other areas such as legs, arms, breasts or face. Instead they are an important part, not only because they support us and make us walk, but because there are many nerve endings, connected with every part of the body. That's why we should take care of them and pamper them, not only by applying nail polish to the nails, but with masks and treatments to make them smooth, soft and prevent calluses and chapping.

The foot bath, a relaxing moment that is good for the mind and feet

The foot bath is the best known foot treatment, which is used in case of very tired feet, maybe after a day on your feet or after wearing heels for a long time. It is actually a good habit to be implemented once a week or every ten days. Not only does it soften the skin, but by adding bicarbonate, a natural antibacterial effect is also obtained. Other ingredients can also be added to this basic foot bath, such as vinegar or lemon to combat sweating, dried flowers for an aromatherapy effect or even essential oils. Lavender and chamomile for a relaxing effect, mint and eucalyptus to refresh tired feet and fight bad smells, tea tree and rosemary to disinfect. Try mixing a few drops of each to get a real beneficial treatment for your feet.

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Scrub, also a friend of the feet

As well as for the face, once you have performed the foot bath, you can perform an exfoliating scrub to eliminate dead cells and rougher areas. This will contribute to a smooth and soft skin, ready to receive subsequent treatments. For the more problematic areas instead, such as heels, use pumice stone or a special spatula, to smooth the calluses that inevitably form. But be careful not to overdo it and not to hurt yourself and remember to dry your feet well before using these tools.

Foot mask? Well yes!

Again, as for the scrub, there are a whole series of foot treatments and masks to be done comfortably at home. They are comfortable and easy to use, because they contain the product in shoes, to be put on the feet and closed, to avoid getting dirty. After a wait of 10-15 minutes, the remaining product is removed and massaged.

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Choose the type of product that best suits your needs, for example moisturizing, nourishing or regenerating or, if you want a peeling effect, remember that this type of feet will exfoliate the skin in a profound way, it will almost seem to make a wetsuit like snakes! Therefore, do not use them before some important occasion, because the leather will detach itself into small pieces, with a complete change of the surface layer, to leave feet smooth and smooth.

A regenerating massage and a good cream is what is needed to complete the pedicure

Massaging the feet is not only relaxing, but beneficial for the skin and, above all, allows you to better penetrate the selected creams and treatments. Choose nutritious creams rich in oils, to be massaged especially in the heel area. Remember to massage your nails too, to nourish and protect them. Better to opt for creams that contain antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus and mint, perfect for perfuming them for a long time and for fighting fungi and infections.

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