Sabrina Ghio will be mom again: the sweet announcement on Instagram

Sabrina Ghio will be mom again: the sweet announcement on Instagram

A wonderful start to the year for Sabrina Ghio: the former tronista of “Men and Women” announced on Instagram that she is expecting a baby

A wonderful start to the year for Sabrina Ghio: the former tronista of Men and Women gave her followers the best news, announcing on Instagram that she is expecting a baby. For the former dancer it is the second child, after Penelope, born from her previous relationship with Federico Manzolli.

Sabrina Ghio, the announcement of pregnancy

For Sabrina Ghio 2022 opened with wonderful news, that of her second pregnancy. The former tronista of Men and Women, who has always been very transparent on social media, wanted to share this special moment with his followers, publishing a very sweet video, on the notes of the song Easy On Me by Adele, with the eldest daughter Penelope kissing her baby bump.

To accompany the very tender video, however, the former Amici dancer added words full of joy but also of suffering, linked to the complex period she had to face last summer, when, after an operation and a biopsy, she discovered that she had an ongoing tumor process.

“How much love can a heart hold? But above all, how much pain is there behind a smile? Here, today I can say that my smiles in these long, interminable and heartbreaking months have hidden so much pain, so many fears and so many tears … Only I know how much I cried those days and only I know how heavy those tears were … Those tears that today they kiss my face and make me say that you are the reason why I resisted, the reason why I faced everything in silence, with respect and dignity, the reason that led me to believe it again … “, wrote Ghio on Instagram.

After so much pain, anxiety and all the fears for her health, Sabrina can now rejoice and share with everyone the happiness of this magical moment, arrived to light up the darkness she had to go through: “You Mother’s love, now you are here with us, in my belly … And I can’t even say it out loud … I can only tell you that I, your little sister and your Dad are here to build the foundations of our dream with you, because for us you are strength and six eyes illuminated by love! We are waiting to see you, without dreaming about you anymore… “.

Sabrina Ghio, the magical moment after so much pain

For Sabrina Ghio, the past few months have been particularly difficult: the former tronist discovered that he had a tumor mass, fortunately removed immediately by an operation that blocked its growth process. After the delicate intervention, the Ghio had returned to shine, above all because in her life the very romantic marriage proposal of her partner Carlo Negri had arrived, who never left her alone.

But now the joy of the wedding has taken a back seat for the couple, who are expecting their first child together. It is not yet known whether it is a boy or a girl, but it doesn’t matter: mom and dad are over the moon, as are Penelope, Sabrina’s first daughter born from her marriage to Federico Manzolli, who can’t wait to do the big sister. And there is always time for marriage.

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