Safe shopping: how to sanitize trolleys and baskets

Safe shopping: how to sanitize trolleys and baskets

Going shopping requires some care and attention to hygiene and spacing rules

In times of a pandemic, shopping safely is very important, which is why some special attention is needed when going to shops.

Especially with regard to the hygiene of shopping trolleys and baskets, which are used by many people throughout a day and where hands are placed for a long time, consequently objects at risk for contagion. The advice is to use sanitizing wipes to clean the surfaces where your hands rest, or disinfectant gels or sprays. On the market there are the most disparate types. For greater safety, it is advisable to do this both before proceeding with purchases and afterwards, to ensure cleanliness even for subsequent users.

A good rule of thumb is to use gloves for shopping, also in this case to be more sure of sanitization it is good to use the gel anyway, especially as soon as you put them on and, subsequently, when you go to the cashier to pay having to handle cash or cards. Obviously, even without gloves, it is necessary to clean your hands with the special sanitizing gel or spray when necessary, starting immediately after cleaning the handles of the trolley or shopping basket. Right at the entrance to the shops there are special gels and sprays available to customers to sanitize both incoming and outgoing, also useful for cleaning the handles.

And if sanitation devices are provided in every shop, it is also true that if you bring personal ones it becomes easier to clean hands and surfaces if necessary during purchases.

In addition to disinfecting hands, trolleys and baskets, it is also important to follow the rules provided for in public establishments, in particular those that involve the use of masks and distancing with other users and staff. Among the suggestions is not to touch the foods that you do not intend to buy, to have a shopping list to have clear ideas and to avoid spending more time inside the store than necessary. Wear disposable gloves, where required, even over those that (eventually) are worn.

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