Safety on the high chair

Safety on the high chair

The high chair is a practical solution that allows the child to eat with peace of mind and safety from when he learns to sit alone (around 6 months of age) up to about 36 months (in any case up to 15 kg in weight) .

Let's see the safety parameters that a good high chair must have:

Seat belts and leg splitter
The highchair must be equipped with strong, resistant and washable 5-point belts (including the leg divider).
The leg divider is a very important element because, getting stuck between the child's legs, it eliminates the risk that the child slips under the tray.

First of all, the existence of the CE (European Community) mark must be ascertained.
The best thing is to look for a model that has a certificate from the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association), an association of manufacturers of products for children. JPMA safety standards are followed by the most important construction companies.

A wide base and a low center of gravity are very important characteristics for the safety of the high chair.

Wheels and locking mechanism
A high chair with wheels must have safety wheel stops.
Folding high chairs must have a closing mechanism that can be operated easily but not accidentally.

Warning: the child must never be left alone while he is in the high chair as he may try to stand up and risk falling.


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