Said Done, Bianca Guaccero is back on TV after the quarantine: "I did it"

bianca guaccero

Bianca Guaccero returns to the conduct of "Detto Fatto" and thanks everyone on Instagram

Bianca Guaccero, Detto Fatto 2019-2020: look and curiosity

For Bianca Guaccero the time has come to get back on the saddle: after the brief absence of the past few days, she has finally taken over the reins of Detto Fatto. The news could only cheer the viewers, who were eagerly awaiting this moment.

Last week, Bianca Guaccero walked away from her afternoon show due to contact with a Coronavirus positive person. To avoid spreading the contagion, the presenter gave up on airing and went into fiduciary isolation, waiting for the results of the swabs. The first, negative, had given her a great rush of confidence. However, she could not leave her home immediately: with a brief announcement on Instagram, Guaccero warned all her fans of what was happening and left Detto Fatto in the hands of her trusted collaborators.

It was an exceptional cast, the one who took turns leading the Rai2 broadcast. The latest episodes have seen Jonathan Kashanian, Giampaolo Gambi and Carla Gozzi take over the management, alternating with great style in an attempt not to make the viewers worry about Bianca's absence. Difficult task, but carried out with considerable success. However, upon her return to the studio, Guaccero was received with great warmth.

At the opening of the episode on November 4, the presenter presented herself as usual alongside her collaborators, giving us a great surprise: radiant, with a total white look and a shining smile, she returned to the helm of Detto Fatto. “I wanted to thank all my teammates. You have been fantastic! We passed all the tests and we are still here ”- he said with great pride. At the end of the episode, then, Bianca Guaccero dedicated some splendid words to her staff on Instagram: "I did it! This time I jumped the hurdle! See you tomorrow on tv. Thanks again to my super team ”.

In recent days, despite the physical distance from the broadcast, the presenter has been able to be very present: Bianca has not missed an appointment, connecting live and commenting online on the episodes of Detto Fatto da casa. And she has experienced all the emotions that she usually gives us in the studio, taking a few moments of pause in such a flourishing moment in her career.

white guaccero

Bianca Guaccero – Photo: Instagram

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