Said Done, Giovanni Ciacci attacks Bianca Guaccero: "She did not behave well"

Detto Fatto, Giovanni Ciacci attacca Bianca Guaccero: “Non si è comportata bene”

Giovanni Ciacci criticizes Bianca Guaccero and returns to talk about his relationship with Caterina Balivo after "Detto Fatto"

Giovanni Ciacci attacks Bianca Guaccero and returns to talk about his farewell to Detto Fatto, which took place in June 2019 after numerous editions alongside Caterina Balivo. The stylist left the show shortly after the historic presenter of Detto Fatto who was replaced by the actress and singer. If relations with the Balivo are excellent, Ciacci explained that he was not tied to Guaccero.

“Bianca did not behave well with me, absolutely – she explained to Budinoblog -. He didn't even give me a phone call when they fired me from Rai. She didn't fight to keep me. I am used to working with prima donnas who fight to have their shoulder next to each other, keep the work group tight and decide who to have next to them. Perhaps his priorities were other and he succumbed to political power and agency games within Rai, to which I have never submitted. I am a free person – he added -, I have no parties, I am not part of political lobbies and I am not part of agencies that place me left and right. I'm a free hitter. Why should I mention it? However, I wish long life to Detto Fatto and the presenter but that they stay away from me. I'm doing very well ”.

Today the stylist is one of the protagonists of Every Morning, the container hosted by Adriana Volpe. Ciacci then spoke of the relationship with two other well-known conductors with whom he worked in the past: Caterina Balivo and Antonella Clerici. “We did many, many jobs in Rai together – said the stylist, speaking of Balivo -, then she asked me to do this program. Detto Fatto had to last 3 months, it was born as an experiment and instead we did six editions together, from 2013 to 2018. I was sorry when he decided to leave ". On Antonella Clerici, on the other hand, he revealed: "I am very happy with Antonella's return because she makes a quality television, from the heart and from the gut, a television that makes the audience participate at home, we often hear about her looks, we send messages and I recommend it ".

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