Sales, tips for purchases: the must-haves of summer 2014

Sales, tips for purchases: the must-haves of summer 2014

Shopping tips: must haves for summer 2014

Very little is left to sales (here is the calendar with start dates). What will you buy? Will you shoot in the heap or do you already have clear ideas? If you don't have the faintest idea what heads to aim for, here are some tips. If the contraction in consumption also affects our wallets and adjoining wardrobes, it will be necessary to carry out a different evaluation for each individual purchase. Versatility, sobriety and quality must guide the next purchases so as not to make mistakes in terms of style and in terms of investment.

It is a splendid banality, but it should be remembered that it is better to spend on a garment suitable for more formal occasions such as for the office or for fun as an aperitif and instead of being led to a purchase designed for a single occasion.

You will wear a gritty T-shirt as a under-jacket and for an afternoon with your friends, jeans combined with the right accessories will become a suitable garment for a party, the silk blouse you forgot in the wardrobe will be your passepartout, the pashmina will donate that touch of refinement to your dress.

Few tricks and few purchases will reinvent look and wardrobe, even in times of obvious market crisis. That the sector has suffered the consequences of the crisis is now a consolidated fact: in the first two months of 2014, there were 131,682 companies in the textile, clothing and footwear sectors, compared to 158,000 in 2011, with a reduction of almost 17%.

From December 2013 to today the terminations have been 14 thousand and 500, more than 34 per day. This data is provided by Fismo Confesercenti, according to which in absolute terms the five cities with the highest negative balances in the first two months of 2014 are the metropolitan ones: Rome, Naples, Turin, Milan and more Brescia.

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