Salma Hayek shows the regrowth: "I go back to work, I touch the color"

Salma Hayek shows the regrowth: "I go back to work, I touch the color"

Hayek shows the gray regrowth on Instagram and writes ironically: "In anticipation of returning to work, I had to redo the color!" #salmaunadinoi

Salma Hayek at 53, beautiful without makeup: the natural photo is breathtaking

Salma Hayek is showing more and more, in countertendency with many of her colleagues in Hollywood, not to fear the passage of time and indeed to love and show with pride every sign left on her body, testimony of life lived.

From the natural shots, also beautiful over "anta" to the gray regrowth, posted on Instagram with irony after the quarantine, with a lot of comment: "In anticipation of having to go back to work, it is better that I color my roots".

The actress showed before and after the tint on social media, and a few days ago she published a beautiful close-up, without filters or make-up, in which she was beautiful, even naturally.

With his post, Salma also confirmed that additional footage of Gli Eterni, the highly anticipated new Marvel cinecomic, will be held shortly. The actress, who in the film will play the character of Ajak, made it clear that the cast will soon return to the set precisely for the additional reshoots, that is the filming that is usually done at the end of production, and that due to the Coronavirus had been postponed.

The Eternals, directed by Chloe Zhao, sees in the cast Angelina Jolie (Thena), Richard Madden (Ikaris) and Kit Harington (Black Knight).

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