Salt, when it hurts and the alternatives to limit it

Salt, when it hurts and the alternatives to limit it

Too much salt can cause serious damage to our body: we reveal how to eliminate it and tasty alternatives

The 9 diuretic foods against cellulite and hypertension

Salt is an indispensable element for our health, but if it is taken in excessive quantities it can become harmful. This is why it is important to learn to limit it by choosing some alternatives.

Our body needs a daily dose of salt equal to 4 grams, but often we take a much larger amount than is necessary with serious health risks. The salt we bring to the table (called "white") is in fact the result of a series of transformation processes that bring this food to lose most of its minerals, in favor of a higher sodium content. Precisely for this reason too much white salt causes hypertension and cardiovascular problems, putting not only health, but also beauty, at risk, since it causes swelling, cellulite and water retention.

The first step to solving this problem is to reduce the salt in our diet. Such as? There are some valid alternatives that allow us to reduce this element without sacrificing flavor. First of all the spices, perfect for removing salt and making every dish tasty. From ginger to turmeric, passing through curry and saffron: spices are good, help digestion and are friends of the line as well as of taste.

The same goes for lemon juice (or orange if you prefer) useful for giving an edge to your salads and fish dishes. Alternatively, you can focus on apple vinegar or chilli, perfect for adding a touch of spice to foods. Don't forget even the aromatic herbs, excellent for replacing salt. Parsley, sage, rosemary, basil and marjoram flavor sauces, main courses, first courses and side dishes, plus they have many beneficial properties.

To reduce salt in the diet it is mandatory to also follow some important rules. Before eating canned products, such as peas, beans, lentils or chickpeas, always rinse them under running water to remove excess sodium. Avoid adding sauces, ready-made sauces or nuts to foods and banning ready meals from feeding.

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