SaluTO, medicine and the future of science tell their story

SaluTO, medicine and the future of science tell their story

The appointment is for 25 and 26 September with a special review of digital events

How important is prevention? What can we do to stay healthy? How will technology change our health in the future, with smartphones and smart devices following us everywhere? These are just some of the questions that experts available to the public will answer on the occasion of “SaluTO, TORINO. Medicine and Wellness ", which will reach all of Italy digitally from the Piedmontese capital, including through our channel.

Events in series

The appointment is for September 25 and 26, when, standing in front of the PC, tablet or smartphone, it will be possible to follow eight thematic events lasting 30 minutes, with intervals of one or two hours, live on the web from a courtly theater of the City of Turin. There will obviously be a way to interact with the experts, ready to clarify live the doubts and curiosities that will come via chat.

The event, born on the initiative of the School of Medicine of the University of Turin, is organized in collaboration with the City of Turin and YEG! Your Event Group and, from this year, it is enriched by the scientific partnership of the Polytechnic of the Piedmontese capital. For the second edition, the network of city institutions that form a system around the support and dissemination of the medical-technological excellence of the city is consolidated and expanded, which has always made Turin the national avant-garde of Italian scientific culture.

The Piedmontese capital makes the knowledge of the School of Medicine of the University of Turin and the Polytechnic, internationally recognized, available to the public. The city thus offers a new opportunity for scientific dissemination on fundamental issues for people's health, in a particularly delicate moment, marked by the recent global health emergency.

The issues under discussion

Covid and the psychological effect of the pandemic on people will be discussed; smart technological tools for health and well-being monitoring; digital medicine and artificial intelligence; how genetics allow tailor made therapies for oncological pathologies; how much prevention and technology are fundamental weapons for the treatment of heart diseases; movement and healthy diet to fight obesity and diabetes; and again, how nutrition and smartphones contribute to the treatment of eye diseases.

In compliance with the safety measures for the containment of the infection, this year SaluTO will have a completely innovative look: Sipario !, designed by YEG! Your Event Group, as a web container that recovers and digitally re-edits the settings of the events in which we are used, enhancing the historical and architectural value of the theaters of our cities, chosen as locations.

A format that not only brings the significance and value of the venue to the fore again, but helps to reactivate the local economy, involving local suppliers and helping the structures to overcome this difficult moment.

To open the doors of medical science to the general public, a Steering Committee made up of experts from Turin from the School of Medicine of the University of the Piedmontese capital: Antonio Amoroso, full professor of medical genetics; Stefano Bruschi, full professor of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery; Paolo Fonio, full professor of Radiology; Ezio Ghigo, full professor of Endocrinology and metabolic diseases and coordinator of SaluTO; Giuseppe Massazza, full professor of physical and rehabilitation medicine; Umberto Ricardi, full professor of Radiotherapy and director of the School of Medicine of the University of Turin.

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