Salvini betrayed by Francesca Verdini, speaks Rodolfo Salemi

Rodolfo, the tempter who would bewitch Francesco Verdini, Salvini's companion, breaks the silence.

Rodolfo Salemi, alleged lover of Francesca Verdini, girlfriend of Matteo Salvini, breaks the silence.

A few weeks ago a gossip had shaken the world of politics. According to rumors, in fact Verdini, companion of the leader of the League, had left him suddenly to fall into the arms of a Temptation Island tempter.

Rodolfo Salemi, model and TV face, had been referred to as Francesca's lover and the boy who had driven her away from Salvini. The love story between the politician and the daughter of Denis Verdini began shortly after the breakup of the League leader with Elisa Isoardi. A very talked-about relationship that has become even more so when a tempter of Maria De Filippi's reality emerged between the two.

But what really happened? While Salvini seems to have denied the rupture with Francesca with the facts, taking part in some events with her, many are convinced that the crisis occurred, but returned in time, just before the farewell.

Rodolfo Salemi has always remained silent, but reached by the weekly Today he decided to tell his truth. "I know her – he said, speaking of Verdini -, but I never took any coffee with her, I don't have her phone number and I never met her this summer."

"I see under this gossip a political design – added Rodolfo -: they attribute a flirtation to Francesca Verdini to hit Matteo Salvini. I ended up in it just because it was more effective to take a TV face, with a minimum of notoriety. It was a ready title: "The tempter blew up the most famous couple in Italy". There is only one problem: the stories they run are all made up ".

Despite the denial, however, the weekly Oggi seems to still support the gossip launched by Alberto Dandolo, thanks to a very recent meeting between the young manager and the tempter. "So the handsome Rudy and Francesca would never have exchanged even the phone number – reads the magazine -. Yet our "gossipbuster" Alberto Dandolo claims that Salemi, just returned from vacation, immediately met Francesca Verdini. The two have dined together. […] I wonder if at least during dinner they remembered to finally exchange the phone number ".

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