Samantha De Grenet two years after the illness celebrates healing from cancer

Samantha De Grenet two years after the illness celebrates healing from cancer

The beautiful Samantha De Grenet remembers her "anniversary" on Instagram: two years ago she won her fight against cancer

Samantha De Grenet has decided to entrust Instagram with an important thought, in a day that marks her rebirth. And her post excited the fans, who hugged her in a distant embrace, some opening up with their personal stories.

Two years ago, the beautiful showgirl faced one of the darkest moments of her life: during a routine checkup, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The shock was immediately followed by the awareness of having to fight against a bad evil, and Samantha De Grenet certainly did not give up. He fought with his nails and teeth, facing a long operation and therapies with very hard side effects, always thinking about his son Brando and finding the courage in him to go on.

On July 23, 2020, De Grenet has one more reason to celebrate: it's the date of her rebirth, the day she defeated cancer. Given the importance of this appointment, the showgirl has decided to share with the fans a very sweet thought, from which all the joie de vivre that brings in her smile shines through. “I'm turning two today 23 July! …Because? Who knows, for everyone else, simply be happy for me! " – Samantha writes on Instagram, to caption a splendid photo that portrays her in a fairytale close-up.

The (moving) response from the fans was not long in coming. In a few hours, the post received hundreds of likes, and many comments appeared under the De Grenet shot: some followers decided to tell their story, in a very tender moment of sharing. And sharing is perhaps the key word. The showgirl has long kept what had happened to her, confessing for the first time on television, months later.

When, in Verissimo, she let herself go to tears talking about the difficult moments lived after the diagnosis, the emotion was really great. But today there is a new smile on his face: it is the one of those who faced the toughest challenge and won it, feeling ready to fight even the smallest daily problems with a different awareness.

In fact, Samantha De Grenet did not lose her serenity when, in the past weeks, she discovered that she had to be operated: as she revealed to her fans, she has epicondylitis in her right elbow and, after the summer, she will have to go under the knife . "But always forward and always positive !!! Nobody stops me!" – is the motto of the showgirl.

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