Sandra Milo responds to criticism for the photos without veils: Tiziano Ferro comments

Sandra Milo responds to criticism for the photos without veils: Tiziano Ferro comments

Sandra Milo responds on Instagram to the criticism for the photos without veils and Tiziano Ferro comments in the best way

Sandra Milo, the story of a diva

Sandra Milo responds to criticism after the naked photos appeared in Flewid magazine. The 87-year-old actress showed herself in all her beauty, immortalized by the lens of Chiara Meierhofer. The shots were celebrated by fans, but also caused criticism of the Italian diva. Sandra Milo responded with a post published on Instagram.

"It is nice to sleep wrapped in white clothes after taking a plastic pose that the evil ones have mistakenly believed was a photomontage – wrote the actress -. Fr S. Grace Jones said that the only form of identity to which he remains faithful is change. I espouse this philosophy. In life you have to know how to adapt to changes in order to survive everything ". Sandra later claimed that she felt hurt several times due to criticism related to her age. “Sometimes it hurt me to be judged – she confessed -, as a woman, for someone who didn't know how to age. Unfortunately, when you leave the area of ​​sensualization reserved for youth, you no longer become anything for some and are considered ridiculous but every age has its beauty ".

"Men are always or almost always granted the great privilege of authority – reads Sandra Milo's post – and they are spared certain criticisms. I have fought hard to assert myself against all prejudices, I have conquered every single thing at a high price, I have claimed the right to be myself for better or for worse but when I receive compliments from women (who are often the first enemies of themselves ) like those listened to by my friend Sabrina Impacciatore, I realize I have done a good job. And my detractors put their souls in peace! This I am and this rest! ”.

Many have commented on the shot of Sandra Milo who at 87 is splendid. Among them was Tiziano Ferro who praised the actress with a comment: "There is little to photomontage – wrote the singer -, you are one of the truest women in the world". Born in 1933, icon of cinema and muse of Fellini, Sandra is not only an artist of enormous talent, but also a strong and courageous woman who has never been afraid of being herself and saying what she thinks.

Sandra Milo

Sandra Milo – Source: Instagram

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