Sangiovanni on the most difficult period: "I had anxiety problems, I was taking medicines"

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Sangiovanni reveals his dark period before "Amici" and the rebirth with Giulia Stabile and music

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Sangiovanni tells the most difficult period before Amici, between anxiety and problems. Interviewed by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the artist, who triumphed in Maria De Filippi's school, conquering the public, revealed that he was saved thanks to music and his desire to tell himself through texts.

At the Giovanni Pietro Damian registry office, the cantane has repeatedly confided that he had not lived his school years well due to the conflicting relationship with the teachers – from whom he did not feel understood – and with his classmates. The turning point for him came when he started writing song lyrics. The passion came by chance after spending an evening with a girl who didn't go very well. Hence the choice of imagining a telephone conversation and the birth of the first song.

“I had big problems of anxiety and paranoia – he confided -. I did psychotherapy and I also took some medicines. But it wasn't until I started writing that things really got better. You know those horror movies where there is an inner demon that makes you ugly? When my words ended up on the notes of the phone it was as if, for a while, I could get rid of them ".

Sangiovanni explained that he was bullied at school and even his teachers apparently always made him feel wrong. “The school had become hell – he recalled -. One thing is when you are bullied by your classmates, another thing is when even the professors tell you: 'You will never do anything in life'. I would lock myself in my room without friends, misunderstood ”.

The arrival at Amici, where he was appreciated by both the public and the teachers, represented a rebirth. In Maria De Filippi's program, Sangiovanni also found love. The singer is in fact linked to Giulia Stabile, a dancer known during her adventure on the show. Their bond, born in front of the cameras, after the end of the broadcast became even stronger: “It helps me a lot – he confessed -. Sometimes I look at her and say: 'But how can you see the world like this?'. I am learning, a few years late, to be the child I have never been ”.

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