Sanremo 2016, the Net goes wild: what happened to Vessicchio?

Sanremo 2016, the Net goes wild: what happened to Vessicchio?

Beppe Vessicchio and Gabriel Garko in the crosshairs of Twitter: for them comments on vitriol, ironic jokes and fierce criticism

Sanremo 2016, comments from the Net

A shiver of fear crossed the Sanremo Festival. Maestro Beppe Vessicchio did not appear throughout the evening.

What will have happened to him? Is Sanremo without him no longer the same?

The network has mobilized and hashtag questioned the end of the famous master.

EXIT the Beppe Vessicchio Nazionale! If there is no # Sanremo2016 the case passes to @ chilhavistorai3

It's still:

Come on Beppe come back .. these people are waiting for you!

Desperate fans invented the hashtag #ilcasovessicchio. The restless spirits had to wait until almost the end of the evening when Carlo Conti finally reassured them stating that Vessicchio national will be present from the second episode, it seems, to accompany Valerio Scanu.

Closed the subject, the other scapegoat of the Network was Gabriel Garko criticized far and wide for how he dressed, for how he combed his hair. Someone has found a disturbing resemblance to Enrico Papi. The "valet" does not seem to meet the favor of the public who judged him too impaled. For him criticisms of vitriol:

Gabriel Garko always remains a beautiful woman.

It's still:

Don't shoot on #gabrielgarko. Too easy.

There are those who mock him for the obvious touch-ups, pretending to mistake him for Patty Pravo, those who consider him a bad actor … In short, for Garko, after the outbreak of the villa where he was staying, one does not go straight. His is a very very difficult Sanremo Festival.

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