Sanremo 2021, 8 Elodie dancers in quarantine after a Covid case

Sanremo 2021, 8 Elodie dancers in quarantine after a Covid case

Eight dancers from Elodie's corps de ballet in Sanremo 2021 were quarantined after a Covid case

Sanremo 2021, the co-hosts of Amadeus

Elodie's dancers in Sanremo 2021 have been quarantined after a case of Covid-19. According to reports from La Stampa, the artist will probably be forced to review her performance on the Ariston stage and sing alone.

The singer, chosen by Amadeus as co-host, was supposed to perform with a dance troupe. The positivity of a dancer changes the cards. Although the other artists tested negative, they traveled with the girl, so the entire dance troupe was quarantined. It is not yet clear what will happen, certainly finding a new cast in time to carry out the rehearsals, it will be very complicated and times are tight.

Elodie will conduct Wednesday evening with Amadeus and it is not excluded that she decides to sing alone, without a choreography made by the dancers. Sanremo 2021 provides for a very strict safety protocol, approved by the Scientific Technical Committee. Seventy-five pages that will allow the show to go on stage with due precautions. “The first thing you have to do when you get here, in addition to the swab, is to study the 75-page protocol – Fiorello joked a few days ago -: I'm half way through, I prefer to wait for the film”.

That of Elodie's dancer is not the first case of positivity in Sanremo 2021. A few days ago a guitarist from the orchestra was forced to give up, shortly before Moreno Conficconi, of the Extraliscio band, had tested positive in the quick test. The molecular swab, however, had given a negative result. Attention is therefore very high and anyone who is at the Festival must be swabbed every 72 hours. A necessary precaution to ensure the running of the festival which will begin on March 2nd and end on March 6th.

“Fiorello has been my friend for thirty-five years – confessed Amadeus on the eve of the Festival -, for me there cannot be a Sanremo Festival without him because he lights up everything around him, everyone loves him. I hope not to get infected. I'm very careful. If this happens, don't tell Fiorello, but he'll take it. I am replaceable, he is not ". The showman replied immediately: "We will put all our effort into it, prepared Carlo Conti, if Amadeus fails I will not do it alone. O Fabio Fazio, Alessandro Greco, Marzullo, come and replace Amadeus ”.

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