Sanremo 2021, Al Bano excluded: dig at Amadeus

Sanremo 2021, Al Bano excluded: dig at Amadeus

Al Bano talks about his exclusion from the Sanremo Festival, not sharing Amadeus' choice not to include him among the big names in the race

Sanremo 2021, the singers in the competition of the 71st edition

Al Bano is one of the biggest names in Italian music and certainly an expert in Sanremo. And perhaps precisely for this reason his exclusion from the event this year makes a noise, especially after his great return in 2020, when he returned to the Ariston stage to duet with Romina Power as super-guests.

This time, however, the singer from Cellino San Marco has been excluded as an artist in the competition, not being included in the list of the big names that will perform from 2 to 6 March, and seems to have not yet digested it, at least according to the statements made in a recent interview with the weekly Oggi.

The song "is titled Il Cellulare, written by Despa, the author of Champagne. It is a revolutionary piece, I always want to surprise: in 1982, no one expected that I would sing Felicità, Amadeus said it was not suitable for Sanremo. I accept it, but I say that I know the Festival, I have been there 18 times ”, explains Al Bano, throwing a dig at the artistic director who deemed not to include the song among those in the competition.

"Too bad, the song is a bomb – he continues – I love the phrase on which the whole text revolves: 'The orgasm of pain'. It is about two who broke up, they give each other a last moment of intimacy, reaching the apex of pleasure and pain ". But woe to think that this is an autobiographical passage. The Apulian singer stressed, in fact, that it is not dedicated to his ex-wife Romina Power nor to his partner Loredana Lecciso, but "it is dedicated to all couples who have experienced this powerful magic of pain mixed with pleasure".

During the interview, Al Bano was also able to return to the theme of the organization of the Festival, which – as is well known – will be held from 2 to 6 March in an Ariston theater without an audience. A choice that the singer does not agree with and that he had already criticized a short time ago, when he proposed to postpone the singing festival to May or June.

"It risks coming like the Mass that Pope Francis said at the beginning of the pandemic in a deserted St. Peter's Square: poignant, but bitter", he reiterated once again. At Adnkronos he had expressed a similar concept the day after the official green light of the Scientific Technical Committee: "Identifying myself with the singers who will perform on the stage of the Ariston, I say that a singer without an audience in Sanremo is as if the Pope were forced to say mass without faithful in the Vatican. I would call it 'the other Sanremo'. Sanremo we all Italians know how it is done, the public is a fundamental part, but we must bow to the needs of this covid, we are all suffering in the world. From restaurateurs to tourism. And Sanremo also suffers. There will certainly be a bit of suffering, but on the other hand, it cannot be done otherwise ".

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