Sanremo 2021, Amadeus reveals the truth about the Incontrada and his possible farewell

Sanremo 2021, Amadeus reveals the truth about the Incontrada and his possible farewell

Amadeus reveals the truth about his possible farewell to Sanremo and talks about Vanessa Incontrada at the Festival

Sanremo 2021: women on the Ariston stage

Amadeus reveals the truth about Vanessa Incontrada in Sanremo 2021 and talks about her possible farewell, feared in recent days. The last few weeks have been particularly difficult for the conductor, who has had to deal with the controversy regarding the presence or absence of the public in the Ariston theater. After receiving the green light from the Scientific Technical Committee for the protocol of the 71st edition of the event, Amadeus clarified his position, stating that he never threatened to leave Sanremo.

"I have always been relaxed, I am of character, then doing Sanremo is a privilege – said guest of Italia Sì -. I've never been nervous: when they painted me nervous, I actually never was. I never wanted to leave Sanremo. There has been a job since May: I listened to 960 songs from the Young, 300 songs from the Big. Let alone if in my head the idea of ​​not going to Sanremo has passed for just one second: never, ever. Then there are 300 people who are building a beautiful stage since January 2nd. There is a work of many people, so we absolutely keep going ".

Amadeus specified that he had never thought of leaving the direction of the kermesse in the days when the audience was talked about at the Festival, also explaining the meaning of a post published by his wife Giovanna Civitillo on social media. "Instagram is from Giovanna – she said -: what she posted referred to me in the days when there was fatigue, bitterness, because you can imagine that there was a time when we had more technical meetings for health protocols than the artistic ones, so we were really tired. And when it was said that I did not want to do Sanremo – which is absolutely not correct – at that moment in understanding what to do, […] that post made by her was addressed to me, to say: "Be wise: think!". My son called me and told me. "Is it true dad what are you doing Sanremo?". At that moment I understood that, at any time and in any way, Sanremo must be done, even with an empty audience ”.

Amadeus then confirmed the presence of Ornella Vanoni at the Ariston. The singer will be present at the Sanremo Festival and joins the other characters already announced by the artistic director, such as Matilda De Angelis, Naomi Campbell and Elodie. However, the possible participation of Vanessa Incontrada remains a mystery. "I met her – clarified Amadeus -, but I won't say more". A sign that the presenter could soon land at the Festival as many hope.

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