Sanremo 2021, because Barbara Palombelli's monologue makes people talk

Barbara Palombelli

Barbara Palombelli dedicated her evening to all women with a monologue in which she retraced her life, but which divided public opinion

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 5: fourth evening

Barbara Palombelli climbed onto the Ariston stage on tiptoe, with the poised grace that has always distinguished her. Not out of a sense of inadequacy or fear, on the contrary. Her calmness comes from an awareness: that of having always deserved every single goal achieved. And the journalist and presenter has achieved many goals, even more prestigious than presenting the festival for a few hours.

It was the first female signature on the political page of Corriere della Sera, while her father wanted her more like Gigliola Cinquetti than Indro Montanelli: "tied hair, string of pearls, marriage, a quiet life like in I have no age. I, on the other hand, was rebellious, I wanted to go out, I drove the bike and the car without having a license ".

And perhaps it is also for this reason that one would have expected more from her monologue on women, to which Palombelli dedicated her participation in the festival. "An evening that I want to dedicate to all Italian women, because at this moment they have the task of keeping the country open: they keep schools open, they look after many positive people at Covid, they keep families together".

All true, but perhaps from a woman who broke the mold, who rebelled and looked ahead, who built her future and career on her own, one would have expected a "but" at this point. Because behind what the journalist has listed as the merits of women in this period there are inequalities that have never been so clear-cut, as the data on women's work have sadly highlighted.

Through the fundamental pages of her life and her conquests, Barbara Palombelli tries to shock all women: "We must always rebel, we will never go well, they will humiliate us and try to get their hands on us, not even Liliana Segre is good. , who got vaccinated at the age of 90 and someone made controversy. But we must not give up, even if the price is very high ", but what he tells is another Italy, from a distant time that has nothing to do with today's times, in which certain rights that should be acquired do not they are, in which the patriarchal culture is still firmly rooted and much more subtle.

But on one thing Palombelli is right to sell: “You don't have to stop, girls. Without making you take away your dignity. Don't give up, let's make noise ”. Even if from someone like her, one would have expected just that, more noise.

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