Sanremo 2021, because Orietta Berti was chased by three police cars

Sanremo 2021, because Orietta Berti was chased by three police cars

To tell Fiorello in the early evening of Sanremo 2021: why Orietta Berti was chased by three police cars

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 2: prime time

Among the many things that have happened in Sanremo 2021 in recent days there is also the pursuit of Orietta Berti by three police cars. The news, circulated a few hours before the start of the Festival was also confirmed by Fiorello who, during the first evening of the event, made fun of what happened to the singer, competing among the Big names of the event.

First at La Vita in Diretta, then on the radio at I Lunatici, Orietta Berti revealed that she was chased and stopped by three police cars for violating the curfew. In fact, the singer is staying in Bordighera and on the evening of Monday 1 March she moved to Sanremo to try on the clothes to wear in Sanremo 2021. "I went to collect the clothes at the Hotel Globo – she explained -. Three police cars chased and stopped me. 'Where are you going?' They asked me. 'To collect the clothes', I replied. 'At this time?'. And of course, if they don't suit me then they have to fix them. They followed me to the Globe because they didn't believe it, they accompanied me to see if I was telling the truth ”.

Berti returns to the Ariston stage thanks to Amadeus after 29 years of absence. His participation in the Festival is also a way to celebrate fifty years of career, always lived on the crest of the wave. If Fedez let himself go to the emotion after his performance during the first evening of Sanremo 2021, and Matilda De Angelis said she could not hold back the emotion, Orietta also confessed to being agitated.

"I sleep little, I am always awake at any time of the night – he confided -, the night before returning to the Ariston is full of emotions, 29 years are not few, it is as if it were the first time, now everything has changed . The jury has changed, the competitors have changed, many competitors do not know them visually and vocally. When I was young our approach to this very important stage was different, we realized that if you made a mistake it was crucial for your career, then for a year you had little chance of promoting the record or the work you had done ".

"But now everything has changed – he added -, there is more advertising around your work. Many guys today are perky and confident because they have so many views, they know they have a following that will support them anyway. I came to the Festival to celebrate my 55 years of career and then to present the box set dedicated to all my admirers, with six CDs. In the latest CD there are twenty unreleased songs, including 'When you fell in love' ".

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