Sanremo 2021, dates confirmed. Rai works to have the public

Sanremo: Rai confirms that the Festival will take place from 2 to 6 March and works for the presence of the public at the Ariston and to define a health protocol

Sanremo 2021, the dates – finally – official. Rai confirms that the Festival will take place, as announced, from 2 to 6 March 2021 and works for the presence of the public at the Ariston.

At the moment, among the few certainties, the presence of Elodie and Achille Lauro, on stage together with Amadeus

However, the hypothesis of a ship as a "bubble" to welcome spectators to be brought to the theater every evening seems to be waning, while for the press room the orientation would be that of a drastic reduction of the accredited platoon: all nodes that will be dissolved within a specific protocol, on which the company works, to be submitted to the competent authorities.

The "festival of rebirth", as Amadeus has defined it several times, must in fact deal with the second wave of the pandemic and with the anti Covid restrictions of the new Dpcm, valid until March 5, in the middle of the Sanremo week. It is no coincidence that among the hot topics analyzed by the organization, director and artistic conductor and the CEO of Viale Mazzini Fabrizio Salini, there is the health and organizational protocol that must be validated. Inspections in the city are expected shortly to define the spaces compatible with the anti-contagion regulations and a meeting with the police headquarters to assess all aspects relating to safety.

It is not excluded that at least part of the public may be represented by health workers, already vaccinated, also as a sign of homage to those who in these dramatic months have been at the forefront of the battle against the virus. As for the presence of journalists, between 70 and 80 accredited persons, representing the various media, could be selected on the basis of criteria being defined.

Today, in the words of the CEO of Fimi Enzo Mazza, who expressed concerns about the organization of the festival, who suggested the creation of "a substantially television event, limited to the pure performance of the artists and without other collateral activities that can explode the infections, and with a protocol agreed with the Technical Scientific Committee and transmitted to all operators ".

“So far – Mazza argued – we have talked above all about the side dish, the concerns for restaurants, traders, for the stage in Piazza Colombo. Or there was talk of the public and the ship as a hypothesis to ensure its safety or the organization of the press room. But the festival is made up of many elements, starting with the competing artists who must be brought from the hotels to the Ariston for rehearsals and performances, with very precise rules to minimize risks. As for what happens outside, there are rules and they are those provided for by the new decree: if concerts cannot be held, if restaurants are closed, I don't understand what we are talking about. Those provisions are valid for all of Italy and therefore also for Sanremo ”. For the music industry, the important thing is also to act quickly: "We need precise rules because everything must be organized, starting with the release of the records".

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